Something in the Dark

Clover, a young British girl, Flora her twin sister, Maise her older sister who is almost 20, and Augustine her older brother are all on a journey to a small, almost abandoned town in England called Acle. Their parents had both mysteriously died and their bodies were never found. Join Clover, Flora, Maise and Augustine in their new life in Acle.


1. On the Road Again

Hello, my name is Clover, and I am 10 years old. I have a sister, Flora an older sister who's 20, Maise and a 10 year old brother, Augustine. August, Flo and I are triplets. I have blonde hair, icy blue eyes and I'm very skinny. August and Flo look exactly like me, too. Blonde hair, icy blue eyes, skinny. We looked like we weren't being fed enough, though we ate three servings of food every meal. Anyway, a few years ago our parents died, we don't know how or where they were, it was in the middle of the night. Their bodies were never found, too. We had to leave our home in Montana, and we are on our way to some place called Acle, England. August looked back at Flora and I with a worried look, then looked back at the road.

"You sure they'll be fine?" He asked Maise.

"Why wouldn't they?" She replied with a positive attitude. One thing about August is that he was always worrying about Flora and I. When we were born he made a promise to protect us with all his life, and he hasn't yet failed. A few hours passed when we finally arrived to the small town of Acle. It was a very old, stone village with only one graveyard, not quite filled up too much, there were only about six or seven graves there.

"Welp, this place looks like it was abandoned a thousand years ago." Said Flora in a uneasy tone.

"It kinda does." I stated. We pulled up in front of our big stone house. There wasn't much color besides the grey stone and the baby blue door, besides that everything was the same color. I was still looking out the window at the dull house when I heard the click of a seatbelt unbuckling and the car turn off, Maise got out of the car, popped the trunk and got all of our luggage out of the trunk. I was the next person to get out. Maise gave me a house key and I walked up to the baby blue door. I put the key in the lock and unlocked the house, I slowly opened the door and walked inside. It looked huge on the outside, but even bigger on the inside. I walked all the way in and walked to the stairs, I then went upstairs. There were four bedrooms, each one had a huge walk-in closet, and its own bathroom. I chose the only room facing the back of the house, and it had a huge bay window. The rest of the rooms faced the front of the house. The front faced the East side, and the back faced West. I unpacked all my clothes into the huge walk-in closet and sat in the bay window. I looked out to see if I could find anything, and I did. I saw the graveyard, about three feet away from our backyard. I also saw dark clouds coming our way. I hopped up and raced downstairs to the car to help everyone else before the storm reached us. We finally got the car locked and all the luggage inside, a few minutes after the storm hit. I sat in my room, looking out the window, imagining what I could do to decorate my little corner. Our furniture was already in our rooms. We had a huge basement, where we had a couch, TV, and anything else in case there was severe weather. In our dining room we had our table and chairs, and in the kitchen there was a regular sized fridge, a stove, an oven, counters... basically anything you would see in a kitchen. The walls in our kitchen were painted a pastel red. Our dining room was painted the same color. Our basement was normal grey, and the hallways, all of them, were painted white. August's room was a pastel green, Maise's was a pastel pink, Flora's was a pastel purple and mine was painted a pastel blue.


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