Expect the Unexpected

This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and falls inlove with the kidnapper. But little did she know that this Kidnapper was a Vampire who was fighting enemies to keep her safe


3. Beginning

Dess POV


"Madison I already told you no" I said to my bestfriend. I was getting aggetated by the second. She wanted me to go to this party but I really dont want to go.


"Please, cmon it'll be fine, we'll be fine, you're gonna be fine, just cmon" She said pacing back and forth around her Pink room. I sighed and gave up.


"Fine, fuck it, i go but you by me mentos" I demanded. She squealed and did a little dance that looked like she was about to shit herself. I bursted out laughing and fell to my knees. 


"Uh-huh whatever get ya ass up because the parties tonight" She said smirking. I stopped in mid-laughter and go up to come face-to-face with her.


"MADISON WHAT THE SHITS" I yelled at her. She just told me therer was a party. She didn't tell me when though. But i guess i should have know it was gonna come because this isn't that first time this has happend.


"What, now lets go get you a dress to where" She said while clapping her hand together.


"Oh hell no, fuck that shit" I rammed at her. 


"You are not making me wear a dress if you didn't tell me when this party was" I say to her and i went to the closet to pick out what i was gonna where. A crop top with a snapback and joggers with my Jordans.



Maddie walked up to where i placed that outfit and looked at it. She nodded and smiled.


"That a sexy outfit, you should were you 'fuck it' Belly button piercing" She smiled and went to go grab her outfit and shit to go do her make-up.




Ughhh Dess why the hell did you say yes to go to this party. your so fucking stupid.


"Alright...were here" She said and pulled up to a decent size house with girl-on-girls and shit. I was just looking from the car that i didn't realize Maddie left me. Bitch. I got out of the car and walked into the house dressed like hell


After hours of looking for her i decided to give up and text her i was leaving.


'Alright maddie i can't find you, so i decided to leave. Be careful and don't get pregnant. ILY bye'

Then with that I left to go home. I started to walk right and head home. While I was walking I had a feeling that I was being followed and watched. I looked back and nobody but when i turned around a bag was put over my head and i was being dragged somewhere. I screamed and kicked anywhere i could but the wouldn't give up.


"AHH!!!! LET *kick* ME *kick* GO *kick*" They still wouldn't let go of me. I started to move my arms and elbowed one in there stomach causing them to drop me on my back I hit the back of my head and started to feel lightheaded. Then one of them screamed and came to me.


"Shut up Bitch" They screamed and hit me and I blacked out.





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