this is a story of the movellas competition the Halloween one.

Alexandra Matthews is your ordinary Halloween loving, trouble maker 16 year old. her best friend is the first friend she ever had. what happens when her best friend dies the same way Alexandra's imaginary friend dies? Alexandra is the only one who was close to her friend so, she is framed. how on earth will she get her self out of this trouble without her best friend?


7. 7

''Stacy. I know its you.'' i said facing the unseen figure who was holding me so tightly. 

A bright light shined from the figure. i looked around, I saw the trail. The light vanished. only parts of a person was showing. "what am I?" she asked. "a dead ghost who is haunting my imagination." I said.If it was possible the forest grew darker. The little bits of Stacey were gone again, but I knew where the figure was. I grabbed the invisible arm around mine, twisted it off and sprinted toward where I saw the trail. I bumped into mom who took her phone out so we could see where we were going.  The light vanished and mom’s phone shut down. ‘Oh gods!’ she muttered under her breath. We stumbled over a few branches, bumped into trees, but we made our way out of the forest. 
“So hunny, what happen-” “mum, I’m really tired right now. Can I tell you in the morning?” she nodded and washed up for bed. As for me, I went right to bed because I can’t see inside my closet to find something to wear for the night. There was a black out. I grabbed my phone to look for cheek the time, my phone too was shut down. “Must be dead, I’ll charge it in the morning.” I said to myself before letting sleep take over.




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