The wolf within.

He found me in the nowhere and brought me to the somewhere. I changed him for the better and made him mine. Nothing lasts forever though. Okay so I won't update by chapter but I'll post as I get inspiration even if I'm not finished with the chapter.


2. The forest of fire and darkness

I woke up coughing and not being able to breath. I stood up the best that I could, without falling, and looked around to try to figure out what was happening. Even in the dark I could see it, the forest was up in flames, there was no way but the river to escape. I ran over to the edge of the river but it was flowing extremely fast. I didn't risk getting trying to get across.

I started to run towards an opening between the river and the forest, but the closer I got to the forest the less I could breathe. I started to slow down and finally I collapsed onto my knees. I kept blacking out, every time I looked around the fire would be closer to me than before but then I'd black out again. I struggled to pull myself closer to the rivers edge and I laid there, accepting that I was going to die.

I kept thinking about dying, how much pain I'm going to be in.. I always thought I would die of old age or of doing something I love. I never expected to burn to death. I rolled onto my side so I could watch the fire but what I saw wasn't the fire. It was a man, a tall handsome man. He was looking at me, watching me, studying me. I decided to yell to him "help me please" he didn't reply he just slowly walked closer so I yelled again "please help me, I can't get up, the smoke is making me sick". He was within a foot of me when he bent down and picked me up. "Thank you" I said before I blacked out again.

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