The wolf within.

He found me in the nowhere and brought me to the somewhere. I changed him for the better and made him mine. Nothing lasts forever though. Okay so I won't update by chapter but I'll post as I get inspiration even if I'm not finished with the chapter.


1. The beginning.

3.....2......1...... (Internal voice)

I opened my eyes to the blinding sun, I have no idea where I am. I slowly started to stand up and look around. After a few seconds i realized I was in a meadow between a river and a forest. I don't remember how I got here or where I live all I know is my name and that I'm the wolf of the light.

I can hear all the forest and river creatures going on with their day not noticing me as I walk around the edge of the meadow looking for others. After walking around the outskirts of the meadow a few times I figured that it was a waste of time trying to find other people. So I just went and laid in the middle of the meadow where I was before and waited..... And waited...... And waited until it started raining so I ran to take shelter under a tree near the river. I sat under the tree for a few hours just looking around and listening and I must've fallen asleep. I don't remember it starting to thunder or lightning and I don't remember the forest starting on fire....

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