Life Unexpected

One night Tori decided that she didn't want to be classified as daddies innocent little girl anymore; that's what all of her friends called her. She decides that she wants to try something new, so she went to a party. She doesn't know that it's gonna be a big outcome later in the future, or maybe present.


1. Intro



"Tori how come you never go out with us, I don't even know how we all even became friends" Solae said. I shrugged my shoulders sipping on my grape soda. 

'I don't have to go out and party just because you guys want me to, that's not my type of scene and you know that" I said. Almost every Friday night I have to go over the same thing with them, they always ask me why don't I go to some of the house parties and I always give them the same answer.

I use to lie and say that I have to study but then they eventually found out that it was because of my parents, well not so much my parents because my mom encourages me to go out and have fun like every other teenager does but I choose not to, then there's my dad that thinks that I'm his little angel. My dad, he's a pastor so I'm a preachers daughter. Every Sunday he makes sure that I'm at church and that I'm front row. I don't mind though because I love god and I enjoy going to church on Sunday and then to bible study on Wednesday. 

"You should come with us to this party girl, it's harmless" Brea said. I sat and thought about it, maybe I should go and try something new , just this once. I just don't know what I'm gonna tell my dad, my mom wouldn't care, she'll even help me with my outfit.


"I'm in" I said as my final answer.


That night I thought I was going to have fun, at a harmless party but it didn't happen that way. I was turnt, just like anyone else would say. The next morning I woke up at Solae's house not even remembering what even happened. 


That night was a night to remember, literally.





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