Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


22. Oh No...

    I wasn't there long before Hayes came back down. “Did you eat?” his voice was the same since before he left, but he sounded more tired.
    I nod and lift my head from me knee's. I wasn't planning on moving from that spot for a while.
    “What's wrong?” he sat in the chair.
    “Don't be stupid.” I growl.
    He shrugged.
    “Go away.” I put my head back down. “Why do you even come down here? There is no reason, you're not down here to let me go so...” I shrug.
    “I wanna check on you, ya know... make sure you're alright.” he came and sat on the floor in front of me.
    I pull my legs even closer to my chest and look up. “Are you kidding? You don't care.”
    “Why not?”
    “Look around, Hayes! Look where we are, what you're doing, what you did. You honestly expect me to believe that you still care about me?”
    He shrugged.
    I kick him as hard as I could in his leg. “Go to hell.”
    He jolts back a little and just looks at me. “I can take you there real quick, if you don't stop acting like a little bitch and start being a little nicer.” he looked as if he was starting to get mad.
    I was way past caring. I stood on my knee's and got closer to him. “You want me to be nicer to you?” I scoff. “Funny how your mind works.”
    He stood on his knee's as well and got closer too. We were nose to nose and it was the first time in months I wasn't scared of him. “You know I'm right, because I control everything right now. You know you're life is in my hands.”
    I just look at him, and don't say anything.
    He puts his hand on my waist, and I let him. I don't do anything, I let him slide both hands around me and pull me in closer, as he falls back. He rolls me over to be on top of me, I don't say anything, I don't resist. For once, my mind was completely empty and I was feeling... relaxed. He moves his hands up just a little higher and slowly moves his lips to my neck, kissing it gently. I close my eyes and just let it happen. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I knew there was absolutely no way of getting out of this one or what, but I wasn't caring about this moment. I wasn't caring to push him off me. He went from my neck to my collarbone back up and looked at me. For a moment, I couldn't help but miss his beautiful clear eyes and he lowers his lips and keeps them just above mine, as if asking for permission to kiss me. I do it, I lift my head and kiss him. 
    That was it for him.
    That kiss was a sign I had given in to him.
    I hate to admit it, but I did.
    I could take it anymore, I was no longer going to resist Hayes. This time, I actually want him. My feelings we all mixed up, if there at all but everything was pointing to this moment, for me to actually do this with him. I actually, genuinely wanted to have sex with him and I didn't even second guess myself.

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