Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


4. Mr. Umbel

    “What's going on Liz? Is everything okay?”
    “I'm not talking to you. They were lying, and I'm the one in trouble.”
    “Why would you be in trouble? I'm just here to talk to you and find out what's going on.”
    “Nothing! Ugh!” I go to the back of the room and sit down.
    He comes back too and sits at the desk in front of me. “Liz, I've seen the way you two use to act. Then Hayes went away for a while and now that he's back, they are saying you've been up to no good.”
    I shake my head and cross my arms, there is no where I can go in the room that he won't follow and I certainly can't leave so I sit back as far as I can. “Why would I want anything to do with either of them, Mr. Umbel? Hayes-” I stop myself, I've never told anybody what he tried to do. Not even the police.
    He raised his eyebrows. “Go on.”
    “No, nothing. I... Can I go now?”
    Before he can answer, there was a knock at the door and Jack's friend, Jack came in. “Sorry to interrupt but Ms. Reseller needs your help in the gym.” he pointed out of the room into the hall.
    “I'll be right back, Liz. Stay here.” he said then left.
    Not a second later, both Jack and Jack came in and smiled. “Let's go, Blondie.” Blond Jack said.
    I laughed. “Yeah, you should talk.” I go over to them as fast as I could and we ran out of there, the opposite of where Mr. Umbel went.
    “I'm the best, you do know that right?” Jack laughed and grabbed my hand.
    “Shut up. How did you know I was in there with him?”
    “I didn't.”
    “I saw you go in there and you didn't look to happy.” Blond Jack said. “So I figured you would appreciate my help.”
    Just as we turned the corner though, Mr. Umbel was standing against the wall, this is dark arms crossed. “I'm not an idiot, I've seen you guys hanging out.”
    No one knew what to say.
    “Who wants to start explaining?”
    “Mr. Umbel, this was my fault. Please don't be mad at them.” I say.
    “Mad? Why would I be mad? I remember what it's like to be young, I'm not that old, ya know.”
    “How did you know I was lying?” Jack said.
    “You waited in the room after I left. Plus, like I said, I've seen you guys hanging out before.”
    Jack shrugged.
    “Look, Liz, you weren't in trouble then and you're not in trouble now, I was just trying to see if we can figure this whole thing out.”
    “With all due respect, like I said, there is nothing to figure out. I'm not jealous of Hayes and Hazel.”
    “Wait, what?” Jack said. I feel his squeeze my hand.
    I look at him. “I'm not!”
    “They may be lying, but why would they say something like that though?” he said.
    “Because Hayes is a lying-ass hole!” I turn back to Mr. Umbel.
    “I thought we were over calling names?” Mr. Umbel seemed to be more calm then any of us thought.
    Jack slowly pulled his hand away and put it in his pocket. “But it's true, he's always up to no good.”
    “Why did you let go?” I say, ignoring the fact that we're talking about something else.
    “Uh, it's... it's kinda weird.” he motioned towards Mr. Umbel.
    “No it's not, you believe him?” I give Jack a confused look.
    “What? I'm not comfortable holding your hand in front of a teacher.”
    “Don't lie to me.”
    “I just think it's weird, that's all!” Jack raised his voice a little.
    I was surprised that Mr. Umbel was just sitting back and letting us have this conversation, I thought he was gonna intervene or tell us to save it for another time because we're talking about my 'obsession' with Hayes but he just stood there, quiet.
    “Do you believe him?” I point to my nosy teacher.
    Jack doesn't say anything, he just shrugged and looked down at the floor.
    “I...” he stops, he knows just as much as I that he believes him. I'm pretty sure they both do.
    “Wow..” I say quietly, then keep walking the same direction we were before Mr. Umbel stopped us.
    “Liz! No, come on.” Jack grabbed my arm and stopped me.
    “Don't!” I yelled, pulled him off and walked out of the school.

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