Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


3. Lunch

    I decided I wasn't hungry, instead, I went into the court yard to get away from the comments and the stares of everyone. Hayes is back, which means he's telling everyone why we was gone, which means he's lying to everyone about why he was gone, which means he's making me look like the bad guy here. It was quiet. I liked it.
    “Snitch.” a red head says as she and two other girls walk past me and turn the corner.
    I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes.
    The bell rings. “Liar.” she comes back and goes into the building.
    My anger makes me follow them. “Hey!” I called.
    They turn around. The red head comes over to me and scoffs. She looks at me, head to toe and scoffs again. “What?” she said quickly, her tone was nasty.
    “Leave me alone.”
    “Or what? Huh? You gonna tell on me?” she batted her long dark eye lashes, her and her friends laugh loudly, causing some people in the hall to turn to us.
    “Shut up! Okay, you don't know the story?” I raise my voice just a little and take a step towards her, clenching my fists.
    “Oh, I know the story... snitch.” her bright green eyes seemed to glow with entertainment as she steps towards me too.
    “What's going on her, girls?” Mr. Umbel comes out of the lunch room.
    “She's a bitch!” I yelled.
    “Me? I was just walking to my next class, minding my own business when the snitch decided to start harassing me.”
    “Call me snitch one more time.” I get close to her face but Mr. Umbel pulls me back.

    She gives me a smirk.
    “Okay, okay girls. We need to relax now.” he looked at me. “Leave her alone.”
    “I didn't do anything though!”
    He turned to the red head. “Hazel, we're not in kindergarten, stop calling people names.”
    “I call it like I see it, Mr. Umbel.”
    Then Hayes came over to us and put his arm around 'Hazel' and smiled. “Hi.”
    I feel my stomach drop to my feet again and I get dizzy.
    “See Hayes can support me. She's been harassing me all day, right babe?” she looked at Hayes.
    “Yeah, every time we're together. It's like she's jealous or something.” he said to Mr. Umbel but looked at me.
    “What? No! I haven't been around them all day.”
    “Liz, please, leave them alone.”
    “Mr. Umbel, you know me, why in the world why I want anything to do with them.”
    “Because you're angry, Liz. I get it. Hayes was yours first. When he couldn't handle your... everything anymore, he left you and got with me. It is okay to be upset but there is no need to be mean to us.”
    “Hazel didn't bother us when you and I were together, just leave us alone. It's not fair.” Hayes agreed.
    I couldn't believe this. He would stoop this low.
    “Alright, kids, just leave each other alone. Okay?” Mr. Umbel nodded his head and Hayes and Hazel walked the other way with her friends. “Can I speak with you in my classroom, please?”
    “Liz...” he gave me a look, one that said I was going to talk to him whether I liked it or not.

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