Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


23. A Formal Goodbye

    When Hayes went upstairs, I sit back against the wall... hating myself now. As soon as he shut the door behind him, I felt guilty.
    Guilty for sleeping with him.
    Guilty for sleeping with him in front of my dead boyfriend.
    I started crying.
    “Please don't cry.” it was Danny.
    I put my head in my hands and scream. This was the second time I was seeing him, I know he's dead. I'm going crazy. “Leave me alone, go away!” I yell.
    “When have I ever listened to you telling me what to do?” he sat next to me.
    I move over as far as I could but I hit the wall. “I'm going crazy.” I mumble laying on the floor. “I'm going crazy.”
    “Why did you just have sex with Hayes?”
    “I wanted to, now leave me alone.”
    He scoffed. “Please. I know you, there was nothing on this earth that would ever make you sleep with him again... unless you're still in love with him.”
    I shrugged, remembering the fight Jack and I had. When I did admit to him that I was still in love with Hayes.
    “You are?”
    I nod.
    “What about Jack, does he know?”
    “Did?” he repeated with confusion.
    I nod again and motioned towards Jack's body in the corner.
    He looked at Jack, sighed and back at me. “I'm sorry. He was a good person.”
    I roll my eyes. “You didn't even know him.”
    “Yes I did, we talked a few times and every time we did he was talking about you. He adored you.”
    I look up at him.
    “Oh, now I got your attention. You're hella vain, ya know that?”
    I smile.
    “But seriously, I'm sorry.” he came and sat next to me. “About everything, all of this, I wish I could help you.”
    He looked at me in shock.
    “Are you a ghost are you in my mind? I don't even know but what I do know is I miss you like crazy and every time you I see you again, it gets worse... so please, just leave.”
    “I didn't realize I was hurting you.”
    “It's okay. I like see you but it only hurts.”
    He nods and gets up. “I understand.”
    “I'm sorry.”
    “I love you, I always have.”
    “I know.” I put my head in my hands again and don't say anything. I felt stupid. Who was I talking to? Danny is not here.
    I scream.
    I scream again.
    And again.
    And again.
    And again.
    I could help it.    
    My throat started hurting and my voice was getting scratchy but my feelings were so mixed up, I could tell what was angry and what was sadness so I figured why not just get them out at the same time.


Hey guys! Thanks for being so patient with me for not uploading a new chapter in a while, I'm sorry but I'm back and ready to finish this!! Love you!!

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