My Pokemon Theories

Okay. There have been many Pokemon theories on things like how ash has remained ten all these years, the dead Raticate theory, and many more. Well, these are MY theories on Pokemon. Enjoy!


1. Theory 1: How Ash Has Remained 10 Years Old

Awww! Love this pic!

Anyways, in this theory, we will be talking about how Ash has remained ten years old for so long. 

You know how in the first movie, where Ash gets in the middle of the battle between Mew and Mewtwo? And he turns to stone?

Well, the tears from the Pokemon supposedly revived him, right? 

Well, in my theory, they did, just not completely. They didn't revive the aging part of his brain, so he has remained ten. When the Pokemon saw he was going to die, they wished for him to never age, and the wish was granted through their tears.

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