This isn't right

Read to find out


2. Chapter 2

so I go and sit by Michael and the rest of the group not really caring what their talking about and I'm just ready to get the day over with and then I looked at Michael and he looked back at me so turned my head quickly not wanting him to see me."So Madison how was your day" my friend Ashely asked "It was same old same old nothing different happened" they all looked at me and I looked at them confused "you don't know. Do you" my friend Chrissy blurted and everybody looked at like she wasn't supposed to say anything "what?" I asked "just don't worry about it" Michael said harshly "I'm getting tired of you saying that just fucking telling me " I stood up but Michael pulled me back down "stop being a baby" micheal smirked "Michael do you think I'm fat" Tori asked trying to get his attention but Michael  kept his attention on me "why do you keep looking at me" I bit my bottom lip "because your beautiful" he said smiling. How could he say that, is he trying to make me blush.


Tori P.O.V

When I heard micheal call Madison beautiful I got mad because Madison can have any boy in the world but she goes for my boyfriend and her and him already dated so now she needs to let someone else go and stop being selfish "Michael I asked you a question" he turned his head towards me for a split second "you look fine" and then turned his head back towards Madison. 


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