The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


18. Wishing For Home.

Me and Poseidon walk through a door and we come face to face with a wall.

He takes his hand and places it on the wall. I am starting to have doubts when the wall chinks and he takes his hand off. The wall opens up into a HQ. But for the other agency. I watch all the mutations. Their just like us. Just recruited for the wrong agency. We walk in another door and he stops outside.

“Go on, Trin. It’s the dressing room.” He says with a smirk. I hate how he used my nickname. I shiver.

“K.” I say and just walk in. A panel shows up and it has a touch screen.

“14 megs.” I say aloud not thinking. I whip my head around to make sure that no one is there. I see through the window Poseidon chuckling. I roll my eyes. I press a button on the touch screen and it pulls the shades down over the window. I touch another button and a curtain pops out of the wall.

I scroll through the selection of dresses till I find one I like: A strapless white dress with a veil and a 4 foot train. I walk in and close the curtain and there’s a whoosh sound. I look down and see I am in the dress I chose. I smile. I look up and see a mirror appear. I look beautiful. I push a button on the mirror that says yes. I feel the fabric swished off my body. When I look down I am wearing my old mission outfit: torn and ripped, it looks horrid. I pull up another touch pad and look through some more outfits. What I find is perfect: A dark purple (almost black) body suit with a utility belt.

“Score.” I say aloud. I walk out of the curtain and walk back out the doors.

I almost walk right into Poseidon.

“You like?” I comment and spin in my suit. I suddenly realized it’s a little revealingly tight. When I turn back to face him, he’s smirking.

“Yes.” He says. “I saw the wedding dress. Nice choice.” He says with a smirk again. He holds up a Ipad that has a full view of the dressing room and the curtain room.

And I thought I was alone. I think and shiver.

“Yay.” I say sarcastically. We walk slowly through the halls till we get to a room. I open the door to a full living quarters.

“Are you sure you're kidnapping me?” I ask with a smile.

“Who said anything about that?” Poseidon say with a smirk. He started to back me towards the bed in the corner.

“Yeah so I’m hungry.” I say quick, avoiding what will come soon.

“Let’s go eat.” He says and stops. “And by the way. I am gonna need you to be my girl friend so…” He starts. He holds his hand out. I shiver but take it. It’s soft and warm. I shiver again. We walk out and head to his favorite restaurant. Thank God it’s food. We walk into a huge room with many different colors. Its not as formal as i thought it would be. We sit down in a booth and I look at the menu. It’s real food! The waiter walks by and Posidon flags her down.

“Waiter? We would like to order.” He says. The waiter turns around and I almost jump out of my skin. She looks like Libby. Almost exactly like Libby.

Posidon senses my insecurety and looks at the waiter.

“Um… I’ll have the ham sandwich please.” He states.

“And for the lady?” The waiter says and flashes a Libby smile. I know it’s her now.

“Um.. before I order where’s the bathroom?” I ask her.

“Down the hall to rights then a left.” She says with a smile.

“Thanks.” I say and take the directions. I turn the last corner and run straight into a masculine chest.

Jake. I think and breathe in his scent: Pine trees.

“Don’t move.” He starts. “We are bringing you back.”

“No.” I say relizing what they want to do and squirm out of his arms.

“You’re not protecting her!” He practicly yells.

“Yes I am!” I yell and watch as the same pink bubble that threw Posidon back comes out of my mouth. I watch Jake fly across the hall and land with a thump.

“JAKE!” I yell and run at my top speed to him.

“I told them you wouldn’t come. But your sister is determined to get you back. She’s turned into a mini you.” I smile. “And she says your getting married. So I am doing this for the last time legally.” He finishes and kisses me on the lips. Its a long fiery kiss that seems like it lasts for hours.

“I’ll…… come.” I managed to get out. As soon as i get that out Jake stands up picks me up and slings me over his shoulder. He runs.

“I have a feeling that kiss was meant to do that right?” I wisper into his ear.

“Yep.” He says and kisses my neck. He runs down the hall and there is libby with Melody and the gang. Jake puts me down and I run to my sister.

“I need to go back.” I whisper to her in her hair. “They will take you again.”

“No. It’s a ploy. They are just trying to scare you.” My sister says back in the same tone.

“We need to go.” Jake says a little too loud behind me. He picks me up over his shoulder and Melody, Libby and him run out. I catch a glimpse of Posidon running behind us.

“Come back!” He yells. Suddenly, I am conflicted. Let him take me or fight him. I make the right choice as I open my mouth and yell, making the pink bubble, and watch as he flys back and lands on his butt. That’s when his real form appears: The snake he is. He makes a horrid shreick and comes at me. He jumps on Jake then pulls me off and pins me down and holds onto me.

“Sssstay with me Trin.” He says in his snake voice. He said my nickname. He said my nickname!?

“Get the frick away from me!” I yell and kick him in the nuts. He doubles over and rolls off me. He transforms back to his human form.

“Why would you do that Trin?” He manages to get out.

“Don’t you DARE call me that ever again!!!!!!!” I yell and run foward into a flip ending in a round off areil right on his face in my newly aquired high heeled boots. I smirk.

“Ouch. That one hurt didn’t it.” He said with a smirk.

“Water arrow!” I yell and He gets pelted with a bunch of slimy watery pointy daggers.

“Trin! Come on he’s down!” Jake yells and I run away from Posidon. I shoot a few extra arrows for good measure and then focused on my breathing. He was heavy when he was on top of me and he might of cracked one of my ribs. In and out. In and out. Right foot, left foot. Over and over. I am breathing really heavy now and it’s getting hard to catch my breath. I suddenly collaspe onto the ground when we get outside. Jake picks me up and we all run away from here.

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