The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


5. New Home...

As I am walking out, I see Sydney stumble out of the room next to me and then 3 more doors open and the others step out. I notice something on everyone's arms and we all notice at the same time and look down, Sydney’s long brown hair falling in her face.

“It’s a schedule.” Libby says.

“Yeah, no dip, Sherlock!” Justice says back in an annoyed tone.

“Guys, come on. We only have each other now so let’s do this,” I say supportively. We all had ‘Orientation’ first so we went to the auditorium where there was a hundred more kids. We sat together.

“Kids of all ages, boys and girls… Dad.” We here as we look up and see Harmony on stage. “ Welcome to orientation. Here is when we tell you why you're here,” she starts.
“What is she talking about?” Sydney comments to me in a whisper. “ We came here!”

“SHH!” I say because she yelled that last part. Harmony glares at us from stage and a few  people turn their heads.

“AS I was saying,” Harmony continues, “You are here because you have come to us with a ring like this.” She holds up a identical ring. “Will everyone hold theirs up?” I realize that it’s still in my pocket so i pull it out and raise my hand. Almost every hand in the auditorium was raised.

“Now, if some of you can remember, we injected your forearms,” Here like half the auditorium including some of us look at our arms to find a band-aid there. “With a gold serum which will bring out your powers.”

What powers? I think. My question is answered when Harmony looks straight at me and says,

“You all have some power in you because you found the ring and if not, this serum will give you power. Now there is a bracelet rising from the floor that will attach to your wrist. Do not struggle because we will put it on you.”
The metal bracelets rise from the floor and clamp over our wrists. I look down at mine.


It was a very tight bracelet and it was weird because all of ours had gems that were red hanging off. (See picture above)

“Now the gem will change depending on your power. Here is a list of the powers we will pull up on your gems. They are also desktops and you can access your classes and the internet.”

A screen pulls up that said:


I read over the page very carefully and then save it. Harmony tells us to get into groups of five or more.  So we gettogether and have five when a small little girl, not younger than eight comes up to us.

“May I please join your group?” She asks.

“Of course.” I say and bring her in with us. “What’s your name?”

“Melody.” Wow. That struck me hard as I think of my sister and family and  I think everyone does. There is a moment of silence. Then Liberty says,

“That’s a beautiful name now let’s think of a team name so that we can be finished.” She says as she pulls up the form on her jewel. Then I notice it turning a little bit purple.

Never mind. I think.

I noticed it too you know , I hear in my head and scan the group for dark green specs in their gem. It’s Sydney. I leave it alone and then think of a perfect name.

“How about the Gems?” I ask, and everyone agrees. Libby submits the form and then pulls up a map to our dorms.

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