The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


3. Liberty, Justice, Serenity, and Harmony

Faith walks down the stairs and goes to the kitchen. Jewel is reading a magazine at the kitchen table.

“Me and Trin are going out, k?” She tells Jewel.

“Uh-huh.” Jewel mumbles, clearly absorbed in her book.

We head outside and she grabs her board and we zoom down the street. Now I know two is ok but we thought three would be better. So we went zooming down to Liberty’s house. We pull up as her mom is walking out the door and about to lock up. She turns around and sees us.

“Oh, hi girls. Are you here for Liberty?” She says as she is cut off by the garage door opening and seeing two red haired boys step out and run toward me and Faith.

“Faith!” one yells while the other one yells “Trinity!”

They pounce on us and we fall into the grass laughing.

“Hi boys,” I say. “How are you?”

“Oh Libby is already gone by the way. Sorry,” Melvin says.

“Yeah,” Martin adds on, “She and Sydney and Justice headed down to the library a few minutes ago. But you can stay here with us if you want.”

“Nope, not today you rascals,” Faith says as we stand them up and brush them off.

“Bye!” they yell in unison as we speed down the road.

“Well, we just killed 3 birds with one stone!” I say into the walkie talkie system.

“Make that two stones!” Faith says into her microphone. We crack up and speed down the street. We pull up to the library. We jump off and park our boards. We run inside.

“Libby!” Faith yells and then the librarian gives her the Look.

She quiets down and we walk around and find Libby in the historical books.

“Libby, where are the others?” I ask.

“Well, Justice is by the computers and Sydney went to the bathroom,” Libby says.

We grab Justice on the way to the bathroom and she sneaks off to the restaurant in the corner. We knock on the door.

“Sydney! Come out we need you!” Faith screams as Libby stands there silent.
“Let’s look outside,” we agree and turn around to Justice with 5 hot dogs piled up in her arms and ketchup smeared on her face.

“yeah,...” She said with her mouth full. “et’s o!”

I look at Faith and Liberty and we crack up and head outside.

We’re thinking it’s hopeless when we round the corner to the back of the library and see Sydney sitting under a birch tree. We walk up.

“Sydney?” Faith asks. “You k?”

“What!?” Sydney yells and jumps up. “Oh my God guys. you scared me!”

We walk over to the door and put back the book she was reading.

“Ok come on let’s go.” Liberty says and we hop on our boards and head down the road to the place where the address said. We pull up to the address which looks like a very weird building in the downtown area.

We park our boards and then we walk up the sidewalk to the shop. Faith grabs the door knocker and knocks lightly. There is the sound of like twenty dead bolts unlocking and the door opens a crack.

“Who’s there?!” A man about 50 shouts out the door.

“We’re here about this!” I yell back as I hold up the ring and the door opens slowly to see a girl about our age standing there with a big microphone-necklace thing that I think made her voice sound like a old man.

“Oh, hurry. Get inside.” The girl says and pulls us all inside. It looks more like a house then a store but then I see the dusty counter and shelves. One had an old tuba on it marked down to 5 cents.

“Let me see that ring,” She says as I hand her the ring and flyer. “You were right about coming here. Me and my dad have a lot of experience with this.”

“What do you mean by experience?” Liberty says. “And who exactly are you?”

“I am Harmony. But you can call me H for short.” She says reluctantly.

“Let’s call her Harley.” Sydney says quietly and Justice bursts out laughing.

Harmony glares at her and Sydney.

“Follow me. We’ve got a lot of training ahead of us.” She says. Faith and Sydney start mouthing “Training?” to each other.
“Let’s just go.” I say with my back turned but I feel a slight pain in my shoulder and then a hand on my neck and I black out.


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