The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


7. Finding Powers

I sit there crying until I have to get up. She’s gone. It echoes through my head the whole morning. And finally, when we have like 10 minutes left I get up and walk to my room. I pull on and pink crop top and blue jeans and slip on my sneakers. I walk out and everyone looks different, sorta. Sydney’s wearing a short shirt on that says ‘Puddin,’ on it. Justice is wearing a sweatshirt that just has a purple zipper. Libby is wearing a red shirt with nothing on it and blue jeans and her signature red scarf. Classic Libby. I think and chuckle. Faith is wearing a really old One Direction shirt and blue jeans. There is a alarm that goes off on all of our bracelets and it comes up with our first class. I have ‘releasing your powers’ first so I pull up my map and walk out of the room. I am to roused to say goodbye. I walk down the hall and here a ping on my wrist. A message from Faith comes up.

“Dude we have breakfast first! Where are you?!”

I think about it and then type back.

“Not hungry. See you later.” I close it down and go to my class early then think explore, duh. So I walk around and find a gun hidden in one of the desks and a bag in another. I grab the bag and put it over my shoulder, gun inside. Better to scavenge for weapons when I need them, I think. I look in each desk and take things out I think I will need and leave the things I won’t. At the end of all of this I take everything out of my pack and make a mental list in my head.

Ok. Let’s see. I have, wait I can make a real list, dumbo! Wow I can be annoying sometimes. I pull up a document and start writing the things down.


-Water bottle



-blanket and pillow


-rubber band

-13 other random things I don’t need to list

That last part I delete because I think it makes me sound mean. I take out the blanket and drape it over five seats. Then Faith walks in.

“Dude,” She starts off. “I brought you a muffin from breakfast and also I came early to tell you that this place has GUYS!” She screams that last part.

“Ok so what?” I say clearly uninterested.

“There are 5 guys FROM OUR SCHOOL HERE!” She screams that part too. I start to realize that i recognized some of the faces in the auditorium yesterday.

“Who are they?” I ask fully intrigued now.

“So there’s Andy Walker, James Mordune, Oh and you remember that Molina kid? He came up to me and wouldn’t stop talking about you. And then there was… let’s see…… Grant, your boyfriend was there and Jack Letterman and…… Mike Golin. And guess what?

“What?” I say.

“Andy Walker asked me out!” she screams with delight.

“You just saw him after I don’t know how long and he asks you out?!” I say confused.

“I am going to go along with it for now, ok?” She says with a little guilt in her eyes and a pleading face. I take a deep breath.

“Fine.” I say and let out a big sigh. The others come in and they sit where the blanket was. The bell rings and this teacher about 25 walks in. He’s kinda cute.

“Quiet down class!” He says loudly. “Today you will find out what your three powers are. Who wants to find out first?” Faith’s hand is up in less then a second.

“Me! Me me me me me me me me oh please ME!” She says for like a minute.

“Young lady.” He says referring to her. “Come on up here.”

He takes her jewel out of the bracelet and sets it down on sort of a microscope and three colors come up. It is dark blue with specks of light yellow and black.

“Eeeee!” Faith squeals and sits back down. She looks up the powers on her bracelet.

“I got ‘healing, speed and passing through objects’!” she says very happily.

Everyone else that isn’t us five start walking up.

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