The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


2. Faith

I walk up to my room and turn on the web screen. I type in “Rings before the Single War” and it pops up with the shopping site. I scroll through until I find something that looks like mine and pull it out of my pocket. It was an ad. It said:


I print out the flyer and grab a sweatshirt and head downstairs.

“MOM!” I yell. “ I’m going to Faith’s house!”

“Ok sweetie! See you later!” my mom yells back. It’s true I am going to Faith’s house cause she’ll come with me and help me figure this out. I open the garage and pull out my hoverboard. I put on the control helmet and I zoom down the street. I’m at Faith’s house in minutes. I park my board next to her door and knock while taking off my helmet.

“Hello?” A small voice says as someone opens the door. I know it’s her sister before I see her.

“Hey Jewel.” I say with a smile. “Is Faith home?”

“FAITH!” Jewel yells upstairs.

There is a huge rumble of feet pounding down the stairs and then Faith is standing in the doorway panting.

“Jewel, what have I told you about answering the door when…” her sentence trails off.

Oh Trin, it’s you. Come on in,” I walk into the house as Faith shuts the door behind me.

“What do you need?” Faith asks politely.

“Can we go somewhere private?” I mouth to her signaling I can’t talk about this in front of her sister.

“Oh,” she says and turns to Jewel. “Jewel, head to the kitchen, ok?”

“Ok. Bye,” Jewel says and walks through the door. As soon as she is gone I practically drag Faith up the stairs.

“Oh my gosh what is so important we have to go upstairs?” Faith asks.

I pull the ring and flyer out of my pocket and hand them to her.

“We’ve got to go there now. You’ll see just please come with me,” I plead.

She gives me a look of uncertainty and then sighs, “I’ll go tell Jewel we’re leaving.”

“Thanks so much Faith.” I say and give her a big hug as we walk towards the stairs.

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