The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


14. A Big Fight

We walk into the hanger and Libby puts me down. “Get your own ride next time,” she spits out as she shoves the down button on the elevator. We head inside as the doors open and plummet downwards. We stop at floor 56. Must be a lot of floors here, I think to myself.

Oh yeah. I think that there is like 116. Huh, kinda like the Hundred Years War,” I hear a voice in my head say. Libby hears it too. Only one person would know that. The door opens and we are staring face-to-face with Sydney.

“Trinity?” she says, not really believing I am here.

“Where’s HM?” Libby asks.

“In the back but why are you here?” she asks and tears down the hall as Libby drags me down the hall. We walk into a room where headmistress is.

I bow and as soon as I do I am commanded to stand.

“Tall for your age,” a man says as he comes out a door hidden in the wall. He is holding a tape measurer. “35’ by 56’, perfect for a crafted bow,” he continues and goes back through the door. When he comes back through, he is holding a bow and a quiver full of arrows that literally seem to be glowing.

He hands them to me.

“Perfectly crafted for you,” he says. “Goodbye.” And he disappears.

“You know what those are, Trinity?” The headmistress asks.

Suddenly, the bow literally takes over my body and starts to speak in it’s own voice through my mouth. “Hello there girl,” he says.

“Malachi!” the headmistress yells. “I have told you many times before. NO POSSESSING PEOPLE!”

“So sorry, Headmistress,” Malachi/I starts. “Allow me to introduce myself,” it says and suddenly I feel like somebody's watching me because I have a prickle on the back of my neck and there’s like a creepy presence, and slimy, if a presence can feel slimy. I watch as my body is pulled out of its skin. Then in front of me, stands a man about 20 and he looks kinda cute.  Wait. EWW! No!

“Hello, mistress,” Malachi says to me and bows.

“Hello, um…Malachi is it?” I ask.

“Yes, and you are?” he questions back almost annoyed.

“Oh sorry. My name is Trinity,” I say with uncertainty.

“Nice to meet you Miss Trinity. I am Malachi as you know, and I am the man in your bow,” he starts with his weird accent. He suddenly coughs. “Em. Sorry,” he says normally, then starts using his old accent.

“Your are a worthy master, girl. I must go. Goodbye head, Libby.”

Wait, he knows Libby? I turn to her and give her a questioning look.

“He knows you?”  I ask.

“Yeah… about that...” Libby starts but doesn’t finish.

“Okay then,” I answer.

“Girls, get to the field. Oh wait. Trinity, I’ll find someone for you first,” The HM says with a wink. She walks me down the hall and up some stairs.

She opens a door and I walk into a room. It has a cot and a small bathroom. That’s it. Well there is another door, probably to one of the girls rooms, but other than that I feel like I’m in a prison cell. Suddenly the door closes and a flap opens that is eye level with me. HM’s eyes show up and blink twice. She sends me a message in my head.

“Jake is here and he is coming to see you,” HM says and then the eyes disappear.

“Thank you,” I think back. Suddenly the door swings open and Jake is there. He closes it behind him and then gives me a big hug.

“I was so worried,” he says and holds on for dear life.

“Ok Jake don’t suffocate me,” I say with a laugh.

“Listen you are going onto the field and it’s dangerous. You need training and-”

I cut him off. “Jake, I’m not a baby. I’ve got training and we’re going now. Come on,” I say and Malachi (in bow form) materializes. I pull him out the door and to the big double doors. I open them to a huge barren landscape. In the distance I see the girls making their way across the horizon. I look down at my bracelet and see a little hoverboard trinket. I pull it off and flip it onto the ground. I watch as it materializes into a hoverboard so I hop onto it and zoom ahead. When I zoom up next to the girls, they first stare as I go past them and come back around. I hop off and my hoverboard materializes on my wrist.

“Well look who’s back in buisness,” Justice remarks and walks up to me. She then smothers me in a hug. Somehow this turns into a group hug and now I am being crushed by like 11 bodies.

“Why are you here?” Sydney says. She barely gets it out because suddenly there is a huge flash of light in front of us. Then the snake man and mole man from my room are there with a bunch of other creatures.

“Who are they?” Sydney says, her weapon materializing.

“They're here for me.” I say annoyed and I grab my bow off my back. I shoot an arrow right at the mole and it starts to turn pink. It hits the thing and he lets out a horrible screech as it collapses on the ground. Justice charges forward and tries to belly flop one of the creatures. It screeches and then disappears and Justice lands on the ground with a thump. Sydney charges forward with two daggers and takes out four guys in a second. Suddenly Melody jumps in front. I scream her name, telling her to get back, that they’re dangerous. Of course she doesn’t listen because she stands there and suddenly she says just two words,

Dire yatahaqqaq!” And armor, starting at the top of her head, folds down and covers her so she is basically made of steel. Something in the back of my head finds the words.

“Shield come true,” I whisper.

She looks right at one of them and it gulps. Melody springs forward and lands on top of the creature hitting and kicking it. Watching this happen I am a little dazed, but still alert enough to stab the tip of an arrow into a guy sneaking up behind me. I flip forward and turn invisible. None of them are prepared for this because they are all looking around like imbeciles.

“Pst!” I whisper in one of their ears. They freak out and run behind the snake guy. Suddenly I feel a whoosh behind me. I turn visible again. That’s when I realize that I’m flying. Well not completely but mostly. Behind me, Melody in the form of a snowy owl, holds me up. She waits a few seconds before saying something else in Arabic. It takes me a little time to understand what she said.

“Tamassuk bi!” she yells. Hold on. Melody zooms down and finally lets go my arms. I plummet a little bit before sky-diving a little. I pull my bow off my back in mid-air and I am about to shoot an arrow at the snake dude. Suddenly someone grabs me in mid-air. Then there is a huge beam of light that goes up in the sky right where I was. I hit the ground 30 feet away with Libby clutching onto me.

“I saw it before it happened. I got Melody to throw me,” she says completely out of breath. “You would have died.”

“Thanks,” I say and flash a weak smile. Libby slaps her face and laughs. Then she makes a hurt face and groans.
“I think I cracked one of my ribs when I fell,” she says holding her stomach and trying to stand up.

“Hold on,” I say. I raise my hands and make a water cot for her to lay on.

“Might be wet but it will hold,” I comment. Before she gets on it, I make her a back brace and then she lays down.

“Thanks.” Libby smiles.

The snake man and his friends are gone so I use a water rope and water wheels to carry Libby across the savanna to the others.

“IS SHE OK!?” Sydney screams.

“She will be. We need to get back so they can fix her. Only one cracked rib, no biggie,” I say with a calm voice.

“I can get her there quick. Let me take her,” Faith says. Everyone agrees and Faith takes her off of the water cot. I let the water flow away and we watch as Faith carries Libby across the savanna… and shows up seconds later empty handed.

“Where is she?” Justice prys.

“She in the infirmary. I said I could get her there fast!” Faith says with a smile. We all laugh and trek our way as far as we can till we all have to rest.

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