The Manny

Callie Morales has a problem, in the form of a hopeless romantic of a best friend.

The twenty-three year old mother of a walking natural disaster, otherwise known as a three year old child, has been out of the dating game for a while. She doesn't know, or care, who the players are or how good looking they may be. She's never liked sports anyway.

But, when her nosy friend decides to take fixing her "horrific" love life onto her shoulders, chaos ensues.

Forced to go on endless blind dates with people she never knew could exist, Callie needs a therapist. What she didn't know was that her Dr. Phil would come in brandishing children's toys and a smile. Manuel is a male nanny, a Manny, as he likes to call himself. Hired last minute by Callie's best friend, he is just the type of person to spill all her problems to.

Yet, what happens when the blind dates turn into a way to fall even more for her manny?


1. 0.1

"Stop whining, you anti-social dork." Emilie scolded before stuffing her face with a handful of chips.

Callie simply rolls her eyes as she sticks her hand in her favorite bag of teriyaki flavor jerky. She doesn't want to talk about this, who would? "Refusing is not whining."

"Oh, come on! What is the worst that can happen Cal? You're being completely irrational and totally out for that lonely-hag-with-50-cats cliche!" Emilie scoffed before she plopped on the couch, half the bag of chips already inhaled.

"You already know why."

Emilie takes her hand out of the bag of chips and points at her from across the room. "You lie! You never tell me why! Come on, you need to let loose. You're young, hot and too uptight. I mean, I love the kid but look what he's doing to you!"

Callie simply looks at herself in the mirror in the living room. Her short hair is tied in a loose bun and she's wearing an oversized t-shirt with various stains. Of what? They don't know. "I am not uptight—"A brief thump and a yelp interrupted her. "Jaime! What did you do?"The sound of her 3 year old baby boy rang from the living room. 

"Hold that thought. Either he broke your apartment or he broke a bone." Callie said, hopping out of the highchair and quickly pacing to Emilie's room.

She finds her son entangled with various thongs around his head, neck and body. The hamper in which the underwear was in, is now on the floor and Jaime is in the middle of this with a toothy smile.

"Jaime!" She exclaimed running up to him to remove Emilie's racy underwear off of him.

"I'm sorry." 

Callie started tickling him and almost immediately his giggles resonate. All over again, she falls in love with him. "Go pick this up before she sees this because then she'll skin you alive and I love my baby too much for him to go this soon!"She looked at her beautiful toddler, running around to clean around.

Callie Morales is only 23 but if you asked her, she had all she wants in life right here. Her dream job, a family, an amazing best friend. What more could any woman want?

"Nope! Cal! Release the child and get your butt in here because we are not done talking!" Emilie screamed from the living room.

Callie rolls her eyes as she turns back around to face Jaime. "You good, monkey?"

He sits back down on his spot on floor, facing the TV. He flashes his mother a smile and a thumbs up. Callie then retreats back to the living room to see that Emilie wasn't in her spot on the couch but right in front of the hallway, blocking her path.

"Cal." Emilie said.

"Em." She responded. "It's time. It is time for you to get your hot ass out there and fall in love. Or at least a one night stand with a hottie, I'll accept either or." Emilie said. Callie sighed and looked away from her best friend as she continued her argument. "Okay, you know what I'm suggesting and It's not like I'm selling you to some human trafficking ordeal! I can just set you up with people. Blind dates! They're fun, trust."

"Blind dates are not fun. They're scary. The only chance I'll get is meeting a serial killer! Crap! I'm late." Callie hopped off the couch and ran to the bedroom to grab her business clothes. She changed in under 2 minutes. By 3 minutes, she was dressed, hair ready with heels on and ready to go, "Conversation is over and done with! You promised you wouldn't let my child die as you look after him so please keep your word."

Emilie huffed and crossed her arms. "Of course I won't let him die! I'll just leave him with a couple of bruises." She chuckled which earned her a glare from Callie. "Joking, joking! At least think about it!"

"Bye." Callie smiled as she walked out of the door.


Strong, powerful and intimidating. That is Callie. At her workspace, she never mixed business with her personal life. She was head straight and amazing at what she did. She basically managed the entire floor, rising up to manage the whole company.

She walks out of the elevator and straight into her office, where her phone rings uncontrollably. She picks up the phone and calls to the lobby.

"Kelly, what's up with all of these calls?"

"Oh, Callie! I thought you were in your office already." She said.

"I was a tiny bit late. Please take care of this, I have to settle and work on the photoshoot with Vincent De Lun."

"I'm on it!" She hung up. 10 seconds later the rings stopped and she sighed a sigh of relief as she sat back at her chair. It's going to be a long day.


She couldn't wait to pick Jamie up from Em's. Emilie doesn't usually look after Jamie but today was her one day off and Callie wanted to give her mother, Nia, a break. She does look after him during the day while Callie is busy being a business-tycoon and she appreciates it.

On her drive home, the weather turns nasty. The sunset was overshadowed by dark clouds and it wasn't long before the downpour started. This didn't help the mood she was in. Yes, she was excited to see her son but she was sad.

What Emilie said never left her mind during the day. She loves her life and the people in it but she can't deny the fact that she's lonely at the same time. No one had loved the way a lover should since Nikolai. She doesn't even think she was a lost cause. Fair bronze skin, dark green eyes and shoulder length thick hair. She is a little on the short side, only 5'3" and is pear-shaped but she thinks she isn't that bad. For a woman who gave birth to a child, her body looks right in the way she thinks is beautiful.

"You're not going to be a lonely turd." She whispered to herself, alone in the car.

Well, you are if you keep talking to yourself like that, she thought to herself.

In less than 30 minutes, Callie is walking up the steps to her best friend's house. Three quick knocks. Before the door opened, she could hear her son behind the door.

"Mommy mommy! Open the door!" He yelled.

The door opens and Callie is almost immediately tackled by her 3 year old hercules. She let out a huge "Oomph!" before she threw her arms around him.

"Hey kid." She smiled as she crouched to his level, "How were you for Em?"

"He was an angel." Emilie supplied.

Callie looks at her son once again and shrugs. "I'll take her word for it. Are you ready to go home? Go get your stuff."

Jaime quickly turns around to get his toys while Callie and Emilie go to the kitchen. Emilie takes a soda can from the fridge. "So... how was your da-"

"I'll do it." Callie blurted out. "But, you can't set me up with creeps and you need to find me a babysitter for Jaime because I don't want my mom to take care of him all day and then nights, she needs a break and we both know you'll end up losing him. I'll need to meet with the babysitter before anything is official."

Emilie grins. "Done and done! Oh, I'm so excited." She said pulling out her phone and retreating down the hall. She heard her best friend call out a goodbye to Jaime as he walked down the hallway.

"Goodbye to you as well, Em." She muttered, putting Jaime's coat to then shortly retreat to her own home.


Two days later and Callie's life remained pretty much the same. The usual work, home and sleep.

"Kelly, I don't give a damn if there was a delay in delivery, I need that shipment here by today. There won't be any time tomorrow to get the photoshoot ready! Okay, thanks bye." Callie muttered, hanging up the phone just for it to ring one minute later.

She slides the green button and holds the phone to her ear. "Kelly, I swear if you say you can't-"

"It's Em. Clear out your schedule tonight because I got you a super hot date."

"And the babysitter?" Callie asked, shocked.

There was a brief pause before Em responds. "I got that all figured out!"

"Em, I told you I wanted to meet with the babysitter first before any dates. I can't just leave my son with-"

"Oh, come on! The babysitter is super reliable, we know each other personally and it's just one night, okay? I can even come over to supervise and then you guys can meet for lunch tomorrow. This date I set you up with is perfect, Cal. Pleeeeeaaaase!" Emilie begged through the phone

She looks at her phone. "Fine, fine! How much time do I have?"

She briefly pauses. "Well, it's 7 o'clock now so, like... 30 minutes!"

"30 minutes? Are you insane? I have to pick up Jaimie from mom's house!"

"Well, then you better hurry. See ya in a little, I love you!"

"Little bitch hung up." Callie muttered to no one in particular, which won her a few stares. She picked up her phone one last time to call Kelly and she barked her some orders.

With her keys in one hand and bag in her other hand, she power walks to her car. "Let's go make a fool of myself!"


"Moooooom!" Jaime screamed as he ran up to his mother, attacking her in a hug.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day?" Callie asked her son.

"Boola let me see TV about girls and these big guys." He said, matter-of-factly.

"Really, Ma? The bachelorette?"

"Why does he even call me that?" Nia, her mother, asked, avoiding Callie's question.

Callie laughs and tells Jaime to get his stuff ready before she turns to her mother. "I'm trying to get him to speak more spanish and I told him you were abuela and he couldn't pronounce it so he just said Boola. It's a cute nickname." Callie shrugged.

"Yeah, really cute." Nia rolled her eyes but ended up smiling. "So, what's going on?"

Callie looks at her mom and shrugs. "I have no idea what you mean. Going on with what?"

Nia rolls her eyes with a huff. "I'm not stupid, you're stressed about something." Callie could never hide anything from her mother or lie to her neither so she sat down and she spilled everything about what Emilie was planning.

"Mi'ja, I think this is a great idea. Tu eres hermosa and you need someone to cherish that." Nia said, speaking her famous spanglish.

"I know, I know, Ma but remember last time I was in a relationship?" Callie inquired.

Nia scoffed. "Don't remind me of that pendejo. Whether or not this works, you need to try. You never know."

Callie was never the type to have these problems. Even when she did, her mother would be the first to tell her what she should do or what's best. When Callie got pregnant with Jaimie at just 20, Nia almost threatened to send her back to Cuba with her mother, but after time, she accepted the fact that she's going to be a grandmother and she's loved him since. Her mother was the one who told Callie to leave Nikolai, but it was too late.


"Is Eliemie gonna watch me?" Jaimie asked, butchering her name once again.

"Well, kind of. Someone else is going to, also. We're about to find out who that person is." She said under her breath while she pulled up to her driveway. There wasn't another car parked on her drive but she expected someone to be here soon. She unbuckles Jaime from his booster seat and held his hand as they walk up to their house.

Upon releasing Jaime, he runs to his room as quickly as his little legs can go. Callie pulls out her phone to ring Emilie. "Where are you?"

In the amount of time Callie took to release Jaimie and call Emilie, she's already got her clothes off and her robe on. She was never the type to take long to get ready but with short unruly hair, you had to get creative and that takes time.

"I'm almost there! I'll help you get ready, I told Evan to get here in another 30, so you've got time!"

She sighs. "Thank god-" She was interrupted by three distinct knocks. "Oh, I guess that's the babysitter! See you in a few!"

"No, Cal-" She heard her say before she hung up and ran for the door.

She opened the door and a man stood there. She felt her heart begin to race. Her eyes traced his tall slender figure, from his messy brown hair down to his worn combat boots two sizes too big. His eyes were warm, a range of soft colors. Bags hung under them, aging him quite a bit, but he couldn't be much older than her nonetheless.

Callie widens her eyes at the sight of him. "Oh! You're the date? I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you. I just got off the phone with Emilie and she said you'd be here in about 30!" She said looking down at her watch that hung loosely on her wrist.

He laughs. "I'm not the date."

She rose one eyebrow. "You're the babysitter?"

"I prefer manny but sure, yes. You must be the lovely Callie Morales, 23 and full of sunshine. Business typhoon who's bac-"

"Yep. That's me." She interrupted, annoyed. She briefly looked at him up and down. "You're the ba- Manny? You're expected to look after my son but you look like you can barely work a toaster."

He places his hand above his heart. "Ouch, that hurt. Anyway, I'm capable of looking after your son. Kid's love me. Now, are you done grilling me, Ms. Morales?"

"I'm sorry, it's been a rough day." She held out her hand. "I didn't even catch your name."

"It's because I didn't give you one, but let me introduce myself. I'm Manuel." He said with a smile. "The Manny."

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