I like you too

Adam Buchanan is just an ordinary boy. He has friends...if his Nanny Sarah counts. Adam is discovering how to survive the 6th grade just using what he's got. As Adam goes through the year, he meets Penelope fisher. Penelope Fisher is the prettiest, coolest, most popular girl in their grade-in most people's opinions. Adam and Penelope are just starting to become friends and Adam starts to have feelings for her-or so he thinks. Will she like him back if he asks her to the school dance? Will she like him back if he brings her flowers? Will she like him back if he just say's it to her? What will make Penelope like Adam back so he can ask her to be his girlfriend!?


2. Stinky boys and bus stops

First day, and boy am I nervous. I feel like I have matured since elementary.

I gel my hair back and look in the mirror. Good day, hopefully.

I grab my things and plug in my ear phones. Mother got me an Iphone 6 and a 50 dollars Itunes card. Of course there's only so many songs to choose from.

As I walk downstairs, Sarah is putting together my school lunch.

She serves me breakfast and hands me my lunch.

"Should I take you to school...or, bus?" She asks, with her hand on her hip.

"I think I'll take the bus since you have to go to that important dinner.." I reply.

She gives me a smile.

"You've been reading through my phone again!." Her dimples s deep I feel them contagiously forming in my face.

"Yep! and I'll take the bus. It's totally fine, I turn 12 next week anyways." I wave at her as I leave the house. When I leave the door I can hear her whisper,

"My little boy has grown up."

I go to the bus stop and there are already kids there. I see a few from Mr. Bagsly's class last year. I didn't talk to them because I was in Mrs. Berkeley's class.

I walk and wait for the bus. The boy next to me has a strong stench I can't handle. I try and prevent it by standing behind a nearby tree. It doesn't work.

I hope my first day goes well.. Usually I'm that one rich kid who doesn't have friends. 

Then this happens. I turn around and see..a girl. She has long golden hair and has on a pink dress. Something about this girl makes me...have butterflies in my stomach.

Somebody taps my shoulder.

"Uh..Hi. Are you new?" The boy with strong stench asks me.

"Is it that obvious?" I ask. He smirks.

"Kinda. Especially when yer eyeing my step sister Penelope." He points at the girl.

"Eyeing her? what do you mean?"

"Well..you were looking at her. I could practically hear your thoughts through your head." he laughs.

"Well, even if I was looking at her, what does it matter?" I ask. He sighs.

"Penelope is known as miss. boy magnet. Ew-I know. It's her first day today." 

The boy and I glance over at her, she notices and turns her head sideways in confusion. She also smiles. I think at she's smiling at me.  I turn around and the stinky boy is looking at his watch.

I quickly turn my head back and look at the smelly boy.

"She's your step sister?" I ask trying not to sound desperate.

The boy nods. 

"Hey..what's your name?" He asks me. I smile and cringe because of his stench, and because he just asked for my name.

"Adam." I reply.

"I'm Kaden. Nice to meet you." He says.

The bus comes just on time, and Kaden and I sit together.

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