I like you too

Adam Buchanan is just an ordinary boy. He has friends...if his Nanny Sarah counts. Adam is discovering how to survive the 6th grade just using what he's got. As Adam goes through the year, he meets Penelope fisher. Penelope Fisher is the prettiest, coolest, most popular girl in their grade-in most people's opinions. Adam and Penelope are just starting to become friends and Adam starts to have feelings for her-or so he thinks. Will she like him back if he asks her to the school dance? Will she like him back if he brings her flowers? Will she like him back if he just say's it to her? What will make Penelope like Adam back so he can ask her to be his girlfriend!?


1. Prologue-1 year before middle school-

I sit at my dining bar on the kitchen counter. My Nanny Sarah is washing the dishes. Everything is so calm. I watch TV from our kitchen TV waiting patiently for my lunch.


Sarah's phone goes off. I smile at her and check why her phone had buzzed, she never minds.

It's a text message from..."BABE" I smirk.

"Sarah..?" I ask her. She wipes her hand dry and walks around the kitchen to look for some bread.

"Yes Adam?" 

"Why do you have a contact labeled "BABE?" I ask. She smiles and chuckles a little.

"Adam, that's my husband's contact." She says as she pats my head lightly.

My forehead wrinkles.

"A husband? you mean..you fell in love?!" I ask eager to know the answer. Then she sits down next to me. She takes her phone out of my hand and strokes my cheeks.

"Of course. When I was just a 5th grader like you, I had no idea what love was." Sarah states. I think about this..What is love. I straighten my back, look her straight in the eyes, and ask.

"Sarah..What's love?" 

"Love is when you care for someone, and want to be around them all the time. Love is when you would sacrifice yourself for them." 

If that's love...then I love my Nanny Sarah. She's been there for me, and cared, and she always wants to be around me. But..when will I find real love?

"Sarah, when do you think i'll find love?" I ask her. She starts to laugh and applies some peanut butter and jelly to the bread.

"You'll find love one day when you find..A women that you want to spend your life with..or even a man you'll want to care for forever." she says as she hands me my lunch.

Love. What a strong word.

"Then I love you Sarah! I want to be around you! You always care for me!" I exclaim. Sarah smiles and her eyes start to water.

"I love you too, but that's not the type of love i'm talking about." she hugs me, and I hug back.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"You'll find out one day, maybe in a few years, maybe when you have your first crush!" She beams.

A crush? What on earth is a crush! Before I could speak, she shushes me.

"You'll know when you see the one. The one for your life that you will cherish forever."

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