I like you too

Adam Buchanan is just an ordinary boy. He has friends...if his Nanny Sarah counts. Adam is discovering how to survive the 6th grade just using what he's got. As Adam goes through the year, he meets Penelope fisher. Penelope Fisher is the prettiest, coolest, most popular girl in their grade-in most people's opinions. Adam and Penelope are just starting to become friends and Adam starts to have feelings for her-or so he thinks. Will she like him back if he asks her to the school dance? Will she like him back if he brings her flowers? Will she like him back if he just say's it to her? What will make Penelope like Adam back so he can ask her to be his girlfriend!?


3. Mean girls and friends

On the bus, Kaden and I discussed a lot of things. He says that I have a "crush" on Penelope.  No I do not. I simply just think she's  the most gorgeous thing I've seen in my entire life.

As we enter the school, Kaden and I walk into the gymnasium. That's where the new 6th graders wait ever morning I guess.

I glance over just a few groups and notice Penelope standing with a few of her other friends. They all look exactly alike, except Penelope. She is wearing a pink dress that goes to the knees, while everyone of her other friends are wearing skinny jeans, and boots. 

What a weird place. Middle school. Kaden and I find a nice corner to sit at. I notice a group of 2 boys and one girl. They seem really cool. I don't want to approach them yet.

"Hey, they look friendly." I say to Kaden. He hunches and sighs.

"Eh. I don't know." He mumbles.

I grab Kadens backpack strap and pull him over to them.

"Hi..are you guys starting off the year too?" I ask them. The boys nod their heads but the girl shakes her head no.

"I'm in 7th, they're in 6th. I'm Faith by the way. Oh and they are Jack, and Tyler." she smiles. Her brown hair is short and glossy.

"I'm Adam." I say trying to act as casual as them.

She looks at Kaden then back at me.

"Oh-right. I'm Kaden fisher." He says, unexpecting it.

She laughs.

"Thats coo-" A group of girls come and interrupt her.

"oooh! Does Faith have a sixlet boyfriend now!!! What a joke!" One blonde girl says.

Faith's face turns as red as a tomato. Mine does too.

"No! he's just a boy I literally just met. Shut up." She fires back. A crowd starts to form and they yell "ooooohh!!"

"Hah. Faith you know you're just a loser girl who can't get anyone her age. Ugh. My name is Faith and I date sixlets because no one in my grade will date me!!" The whole crown goes, "HEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Faith's face gets even redder.

"SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm sick and tired of your bull-crap!"

The blonde girl snickers. 

"I'll stop when I want too." 

I can't take this anymore. I start to talk.

"Hey, leave her alone. Go pick on someone who actually likes you. Oh waiiitt...that's no one.." I say. The whole crowd yells "GO SIXLET!"

I smile and turn around. Kaden is giving me a thumbs up. Faith looks at me like, "please stop." And I do.

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