Five Night's at Freddys: Sister Location

Welcome back to the story


1. Night one

(Voice) Hello, and welcome to Circus Baby Pizzeria, We hope you have a good working experience here, if it is a bad job choice, your choice, or just a simple dare, We welcome you, Now, using the Kew Board, Please enter your name.

(Enters Name)

(Voice) It seems you are having trouble with the Kew Board, but I know what you were trying to type, Let me Auto Correct it for you, Please wait.      Welcome      Eggs Benedict. It seems the elevator has stoped, this is your stop, Crawl Through the vent to enter the Office room.

This is where you will Check on Ballora and Fun-Time Foxy. Ballora let's kids Play, Dance and Eat Pizza, Fun-Time Foxy will help kids Play with each other and let them have fun, Let's check on Ballora, click the Blue button to do so, (Clicks Button)   It looks like Ballora does not feel like dancing today, Let's Motivate her With a controlled shock, (Clicks Red button giving her a Shock) Let's have a look if she is there.     (Clicks Blue Button turning on Light)    Ahh, looks like she Is back to her normal slef, Now, Let's check on Fun-Time Foxy to see if she wants to play.    (Clicks Blue Button) Looks like she does not wanna show her self, let's Motivate her with a controlled shock.   (Clicks Red Button)    Let's try another controlled shock.      (clicks again)    There we go, now she wants to play, Go through the vent infront of you to go to Circus Gallery to see Baby.         (Go throughs Vent)      Here is the Main Circus Room, this is were Baby is, Let's have a look if baby is there.   (Clicks Light Button) looks like baby isn't here, let's try a Controlled Shock to Motivate Her      (Clicks Red Button) Let's Try another Controlled Shock   (Clicks Again)     Let's Try another controlled Shock     (Clicks again)     Great work Circus Baby, your shift is over, exit through the same way, Have a good night, (crawls through the vent




Enjoy some time at home   (goes home)

Movie On, (can't be bothers saying the lines


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