Five Night's at Freddys: Sister Location

Welcome back to the story


2. Ballora

(Voice) Hello, and welcome back here, We don't want you getting annoyed by the voice you are currently hearing, Using the Key Pad below, please enter the new Voice you would like to hear. It seems you were having trouble with the Key Pad, I see what you were trying to type, and I will autocorrect it for you, thank you fro choosing Angsty teen. *Elevator Stops* (Night 2) Ok, the Elevator has stoped, get out now, or, stay here, what ever. (Enters Vent) Ok, funny story. A dead body was found in here once, ok, so, not that funny, but it's a story. (Enters Security Office) Ok, let's do the chores, check on Ballora. (Clicks Light) Looks like Ballora has better things to do, Let's shock her, that should be fun. (Shocks Ballora) (Deep and not understandable voice) (Static) Ok, check on Fun-time Foxy, (Clicks light) (Deep Voice) GREAT., GREAT. (Old Voice) it seems there was a malfunction with the voice changer. Go through to Baby's Room using the front vent. (Enter Vent) Baby had a long day today, let's check the light,    (Checks light)    Oh Circus Baby, we don't have time to play 'Hide and Seek', Let's Moderate Baby with a Controlled Shock      (Gives Shock)        Let's give her another Controlled Shock.    (Clicks Again)     It seems there is a power failure, I will restart the system, this may cut things out, They include, Lights, Elevators, Vent Doors, and Oxygen, One moment.   (Power shuts off)       Entry Main Shaft, Opened.    Ballora Gallery,   Opened,  Fun-time Auditorium,   Opened,    movement detected     Vent way err.

(Baby)  I do not Recognize you, you must be new, I do remember this scenario however, The Night Guard before you crafted a Hold under the desk to hide, it worked for him, quickly, there is not much time.        (Hides)           (Survive Baby's, Baby)       When your guide comes back online, he will tell you he was unsuccessful and that you will to restart the power Manually.    Then he will tell you to run through Ballora Gallery as fast as you can, if you do what he says, you will die, you must proceed Very Safely. And must NOT disturb Ballora, when you hear her music, she is near, she can not see you, Feeling for your presents,            

(Voice)  I am back, I cannot automatically re-open the power module

*goes through vents and Ballora gallery*

Great! you made it, open the power module and restart the building,

(Funtime Freddy) I see you over there, in the darkness, Come out to play!


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