The Tower of Dougan

Once upon a time there was a building called the "Tower of Dougan." The tower was curst really bad, but didn't nobody ever no about the tower. Until one day a family name the Thompson's moved there. They didn't realize the place were haunted like until a couple of days when one of there oldest child went into the bathroom to get in the shower to freshen up for a party. Then the boy was bathing, but finally he had gotten finished and happened to look in the mirror. The oldest boy saw words written on the mirror in blood, the exact words were " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW OR YOU ALL WILL DIE." The boy were so scared that he ranned to get his parents Mr. and Ms. Thompson, but by the time the boy came back with his parents the writing was all gone, it was just a clean and clear mirror like nothing have never been written on there. Until the family heard a strange noise saying " GET OUT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE" and the pots flew everywhere the family were scared so they packed and left.


2. The New Family

2 weeks later another family moved in the same tower house but this family was called the Johnson's. The Johnsons had just moved from there old house in the city. The Johnson's didn't know about the tower house being haunted just like the last family. The Johnson's didn't have any children it was just a husband and a wife living the rest of there life together. The family were a rich family who wanted to live in an old house that they didn't know were haunted. Until one day the husband was taking a nap because he was so tired doing house work with his wife. So the man in the napping and all out of no where something started choking the man. He didn't know what it was because he couldn't see anything, the only thing he could feel was who ever it is choking him. The man was trying to call his wife and he couldn't because he was getting choked really bad. Luckily the wife was coming to the bedroom anyway to put up folded clothes that she had washed. She saw her husband struggling and ran to him. But by the time she made it to him the thing that was choking him had hurry up and let him. The man face was actually turning purple, he had to take a few minutes to get his air back before he could tell his wife what had happened. 2 minutes later the man got some of his air back to be able to talk. He finally had his breath back to tell his wife that something dangerous is in the house that is trying to harm them. The wife believed the husband and they both decided that they wanted to leave and move back into there old house until they find them another perfect house. So the family packed everything they had ever owned and moved back to there old house. Luckily they didn't sell their old house yet. And they both said to each other lets get out of this dump and go home. When they said that they walked out the house put all of their belongings in the vehicle and left. They never came back to that place ever again. Most of all they didn't look back at the place either they only lived "Happily Ever After Together."

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