The Tower of Dougan

Once upon a time there was a building called the "Tower of Dougan." The tower was curst really bad, but didn't nobody ever no about the tower. Until one day a family name the Thompson's moved there. They didn't realize the place were haunted like until a couple of days when one of there oldest child went into the bathroom to get in the shower to freshen up for a party. Then the boy was bathing, but finally he had gotten finished and happened to look in the mirror. The oldest boy saw words written on the mirror in blood, the exact words were " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW OR YOU ALL WILL DIE." The boy were so scared that he ranned to get his parents Mr. and Ms. Thompson, but by the time the boy came back with his parents the writing was all gone, it was just a clean and clear mirror like nothing have never been written on there. Until the family heard a strange noise saying " GET OUT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE" and the pots flew everywhere the family were scared so they packed and left.


1. The Tower of Dougan

Once upon a time the was an old tower house half in the woods called the "Tower of Dougan." No one ever went near that old place until one day a family called the Thompson's had moved there from England the grownups had three beautiful children. The family didn't notice anything wrong with the house until one day one of there oldest Child went into the bathroom to take a shower. While the boy freshen up and getting clean it was nothing but pure silence. Then the boy had gotten finish taking his shower and he happened to look into the mirror and see words on the mirror in blood, the exact words were "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW OR YOU ALL WILL DIE." Without any yelling the boy ran to get his parents Mr. and Ms. Thompson, but before they had gotten back the mirror was as clear and clean with no writing on there. The boy looked confused while his parents looked angry. The boy parents didn't believe him. It is now the next day the kids are off to school and the father are off to work. So that leads the mother at the house all alone with nobody else there but her. It was total silence. Then the mother had started cooking dinner so when the kids get out of school they could take a bath,eat, and get ready for bed. The garbage had gotten full so the mother took it out, but she stepped back into the house were she found all of her clean dishes scattered on the floor. At first she was confused like is this really happening right now. When she put all the dishes back in there correct place she heard a noise coming from the hallway. She came out of the kitchen and went were the hallway was and there it was something really tall and Black standing right there. She screamed so loud and ran outside quick as ever. Luckily she haven't started cooking yet. But luckily she had her phone in her back pocket. Without any hesitation she called up her husband and told him to be home quick it is an emergency. So it was 20 minutes when her husband arrived and she been outside waiting on him every since. She told him what she saw and heard but he didn't believe her so 15 minutes had passed and the children has arrived home from school.The mother started cooking, the children got freshen up for dinner. And all out of nowhere the lights had went out. The family were scared and didn't know what was going on. Then the family heard these words "DIDN'T I SAY GET OUT OF MY HOUSE OR YOU WILL DIE." The family was so scared that they didn't waste no time packing all of there things and leaving the house never returning again.
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