A story to top them all

This is really so you can get to know my story in depth. I want everyone to read me like an open book. :)


1. The beginning

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. It started on a windy, December night. December the 24th, to be exact. In a hospital in Brighton, England. At 11:52. That is where our story starts. A little girl had just popped out of nowhere. And then there was 3. Their mother sat there happy and smiling even though she was winded. All three girls looked at each other and smiled and laughed. Christmas Night, 2002.


Now lot's happened by the time we were 1. Tegan had grown a full head of light brown-reddish hair and River was on her way there too. But Willow's case was different. She had one little curl of bright red hair on her head. Where we start off next is the first time they all got hurt. They were all one and trying to run (More like waddle) their way down the hall. Suddenly, Willow's foot caught onto River's which caught onto Tegan's. Next thing you know, there was a little heap of girls on the floor crying. That was when Willow's clumsiness first started.


By 3 Willow was finally walking along with the others. They had been every where and were just starting preschool. Willow swung on Tegan's arm as they walked and River stood to Tegan's side, gripping her hand. River was never the social one. They finally made our way through the door and took off.


Tegan-Heart was always the social and friendly one of the bunch, and she was also the oldest. She was always the calm one who had to watch over her sisters. Tegan was the tallest of the sisters, and River, even though she's the middle child, was the shortest. River and Tegan were the two that looked the most alike, but Willow wasn't too far behind. River and Tegan both had beautiful icy blue eyes and auburn hair, while Willow had amazing normal blue eyes and beautiful red hair, lighter than her sisters. Their parents could tell that Willow would be the first to get a guy friend, and the last to lose a relationship. River and Tegan would be tied for getting a guy friend last and losing a relationship first. River and Willow were always the trouble makers, especially during their terrible twos. When Tegan was two, she was calm, didn't cry much unless Riv or Wil hurt her feelings or hurt her physically. River and Willow were the crazy two, and always stuck by each other's sides, even through middle school.


Willow was always the talkative one. And trust me boy was she talkative. If you saw her not talking you knew something was wrong. She wore pink everything unless something was wrong. When it was really bad, let's just say there was a cloud of black around her and on her. Even though she was short, Willow strived over being taller than someone, anyone. River was always very concervitive. She made sure no one could get through her shell. We had to be careful to get through to her. She wore black all the time. Now that we have a more better understanding of all of us let's get into the story.


On September 9th, 2011, Tegan was in a car with her best friend and her friends dad. They were driving home from picking up Tegan and they were in bad traffic. Her friends dad went to go get in front of someone but the person in front of them braked. Their car crashed into the back and Tegan who was in the bag got hit with an airbag. Her friend was in the front seat and the airbag hit her too hard. Her friend died and Tegan got amnesia. She didn't wake up for a few days. On September 11, Tegan woke up. River and I were there to see her when she woke up but we were suprised when she asked,

"Who are you?" I fainted. My sister had amnesia. We spent a week trying to fill her in on stuff and by the end of the month she was a bit better. She at least knew who we were. By the time we were 13, Tegon was doing a lot better. I was wishing and hoping she could remember something about the crash, but all we told her was she was in one and, that was all she knew. She didn't know her best friend died in it. She didn't know about it at all. But that was better then her knowing all at once. 


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