My Bad Boy

This story is about how a girl moves to a new school and does not want to be their or alive.She meets people but there is one special person that changes her life around or at least that is what she thought.Will he fall for her or leave her like the rest.The part you don't know is why she moved read to find out.


3. The Moving Session

The Moving Session

Nevah's POV

You better be upstairs getting ready young lady my mother said.You better be getting ready young lady I copied in a revulting voice.What did I tell you about that my mom said.I don't need to tell you if you already know what you told me I said.Just hurry up and come downstairs.(I know that it sounds like I'm a brat but we are having a agruement rn and I am in a terrible mood because of it)

After pulling a huge suit case downstairs with all of my stuff

What's with your additude my mother said.It's just I don't want to go anywhere and meet anyone new I just want to stay here with Ashley.See that's your problem you don't want to meet anyone new my mom said.I do but everywhere I go it's going to be the same way as before.Mom-Well maybe if you changed your ways and stop be less how should I say.....What DORKY,WELL THANKS FOR THE CONFIDENCE BOOST MOTHER.Look honey you know I didn't mean it like that my mother said.Yeah Yeah lets just go already I said.(My mother sighed)

After A long car ride later

We finally arrived and next to us I noticed a boy with a motorcyle that lived right next to us.Across the street my best friend of all time.The boy was on a motorcyle and he was mighty fine.He had goldish blonde hair with blue eyes that I had noticed right away.But then my heart suddenly shattered.I saw a girl get off his motorcyle and hug him really tight and long and she saw me and just stared at me so I looked away quickly.


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