My Bad Boy

This story is about how a girl moves to a new school and does not want to be their or alive.She meets people but there is one special person that changes her life around or at least that is what she thought.Will he fall for her or leave her like the rest.The part you don't know is why she moved read to find out.


2. Introduction


Hi my name is Neaveh.I have a group of 4 people that I talk to that are my besties.I am really close to one of them named Ashley.I have moved to a place in Los Anglas.My best friend's mom Ashley work together and they both are the mangers.Ashley and I will be co-manger for our moms when we are done with school.I am in the 11th grade I intend to be a lawer when school is finished.I have bullied for the way I look at my current school,and so has my best friend.We manily get bullied because we have no friends other than each other never had a boyfriend.People say that since we are rich we should pay to get suregy which I think other wise but sometimes you have your doubts.That's enough about me for right now you will find out more later on in the story.

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