The Rhee Brothers

When Cora heads to Venice, Italy on an exchange trip from NYC things don't go according to plan. The city on water has some deep dark secrets not even the locals know about.

She has been warned of strange disappearances happening in the city and to keep vigilant, but when Cora heads to a party on a separate island with her college friends, you can only get to via boat, she is thrown into the family of the Hunters. Seven dark mysterious brothers whom host alluring parties every weekend. However, they’re not your average twenty to twenty six year olds. They hold a big secret. One that is deadly.

These Hunters will ruin you…

There she meets Taehyung. An alluring brother who she can’t seem to get out of her head. He holds a secret that could ruin her trip. One night of meeting and now he can’t seem to let her go. He's haunting every part of her.

Sex, lies, and deception. Once you enter the Hunters house you never want to leave.....


5. Do you trust me?

I stared at her in disbelief. Why is she talking to me about this now?. That smirk I saw in the alley appeared on her face again. The one that made tingles spread all over my body and not in a good way.

I sighed. "Can we talk about this tomorrow?" I asked. I didn't wait for her answer. I laid my head back down, facing the other way towards the window. I heard an annoyed grunt and before I knew it, my bed cover was being yanked off of me. I looked down at my shorts and tank top and up at Nicole. She had my blanket covering her mouth from laughing. She clearly didn't care that her mother was practically two meters away snoring.

I jumped from the bed and shut my bedroom door. I turned around to see Nicole searching through my suitcase.

"What are you doing Nicole? my god" I whispered harshly.

"Ah Ha" she whispered and lifted out a very short red dress. It was the dress I was supposed to remove from my suitcase before I left New York. My Mom put it in there. She called it my "if a handsome Italian local asked me out for dinner" dress. I rolled my eyes at the time.

Nicole walked over to me and placed the dress in my hands.

I looked up at her. She still had that smirk.

A light tap on the window both made us jump. She sighed and went over to it. She looked down and nodded to someone outside and turned back to me.

"Do you trust me? If you do put that dress on and put a brush through your hair. I'm going to go find you some heels" she whispered and hurried out the door.

I turned around to the window, walked over and looked down. I couldn't believe my eyes. Calum, lily, Antonio and Maria were standing there under a street light, in conversation smiling and laughing. They were also dressed up.

I backed away from the window and looked down at my dress. In that moment something clicked. My mom always said she had a sixth sense for things, and lately I've been feeling that also. And right now my senses were telling me to do what Nicole says. That I should live a little and see what this place was, and why she was so adamant I get ready and go with her. I sighed and headed into the bathroom.

The dress was horribly tight. You could see every curve of my body. I walked out into the bedroom to be confronted by Nicole holding very high black heels in her hands.

Her mouth slowly opened as she took me in.

"Wow Cora! You look fucking amazing!" She whispered.

I turned around to look at the large mirror next to my bed. My wavy brown hair reached my ribs, my eyes shown such vivid blue in this rooms light. Nicole came up behind me and stared at my face through the mirror.

"Girl I wish I had your body" she whispered and giggled

I turned around to face her. She handed me the heels and headed for the window.

I sat on the bed and tried to put them on. I wasn't use to heels. And these already hurt and I hadn't even stood up in them yet.

After putting them on I looked over to the window. Nicole was gone, just the window was open. Where was she? I got up and walked over and poked my head through and looked down.

Everyone was smiling up at me including Nicole. She pointed to my left. I turned and saw a small ladder against the wall. I looked at her in confusion.

"You want me to climb down that in these shoes?" I whispered harshly.

Everyone laughed a little too loud. They all placed fingers to their lips jokingly telling each other to "shhh".

I started to climb out the window. I flipped my leg out and placed it on the window ledge and then the other. I then turned and grabbed the side of the ladder with both hands and pulled myself on to it. If four years of rock climbing on a Saturday wasn't going to help me in this situation, and constantly sneaking out of my own window in New York to see my ex, I didn't know what would.

I placed my feet on the first step of the ladder then the second and third. Before I knew it my shoe slipped and my hand couldn't grip the ladder fast enough. I was falling.

Someone grabbed me by the waist and held me to their chest. As I regained my balance on the ground. I looked up and Calum was grinning at me.

I pushed him away and realised my dress was half way up my ass. Calum wasn't looking at my face that's for sure. I grunted and readjusted my dress.

He looked up and laughed at my annoyed face.

"Touchy tonight? I just saved you from cracking your head open. No thank you?" He whispered while folding his arms and smirking.

Ugh. "Thanks" I said unwillingly and walked over to Nicole and the rest of them.

Lily was the first to hug me and place her arm in mine. She had a purple turtleneck dress on. I noticed everyone apart from myself, Calum and Lily had black on. Probably just a coincidence.

Antonio took us all in and smiled.

" you guys look great! Ready for some fun?" He asked and slowly backed away from us.

"Follow me" he gestured his hand to follow.

We started to walk down a very long alleyway. I recognised It. It was the one we first walked down from our ferry terminal to the restaurant when we arrived. It looked much more sinister tonight though.

Antonio, Maria, Calum and Nicole were a few steps ahead of myself and Lily. They were talking and laughing.

I turned to Lily. who had her arm in mine. I nudged her slightly to get her attention.

"have you heard of a place called "Isle of the blessed?" Nicole mentioned it. Lily I have studied the Venice map and all the islands around it for the past two weeks. There isn't an island called that. There isn't anywhere in Italy called that" I whispered harshly. Lily looked at me in confusion.

"Maria was telling me it's some sort of party, she wouldn't give anything away. She said we would have to get a boat there. Have you noticed that they're all wearing black? It Looks like they're all going to funeral" she laughed slightly.

"Yeah if the funeral reception was in a strip club Lils. You don't wear that to funeral. Nicole has been acting weird today, it's like she is this whole different person to the one I was talking to on Skype. Something has changed. It doesn't feel right" I whispered. Lily squeezed my arm.

"don't worry Hun it's probably just all this travelling. It's just got to you a bit. I'm sure everything will be fine tomorrow, but right now let's try and enjoy what this is. Although I don't know exactly what this is, but I'm sure we're about to find out...look" Lily pointed ahead of us.

We were coming to the end of the alley and to the bank of the water. I followed Lily's finger. Something was floating towards us in the distance, it was a boat but not just any boat. It reminded me of a boat that you would see in the underworld. A boat the Grim Reaper would use. Where were we going?


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