The Rhee Brothers

When Cora heads to Venice, Italy on an exchange trip from NYC things don't go according to plan. The city on water has some deep dark secrets not even the locals know about.

She has been warned of strange disappearances happening in the city and to keep vigilant, but when Cora heads to a party on a separate island with her college friends, you can only get to via boat, she is thrown into the family of the Hunters. Seven dark mysterious brothers whom host alluring parties every weekend. However, they’re not your average twenty to twenty six year olds. They hold a big secret. One that is deadly.

These Hunters will ruin you…

There she meets Taehyung. An alluring brother who she can’t seem to get out of her head. He holds a secret that could ruin her trip. One night of meeting and now he can’t seem to let her go. He's haunting every part of her.

Sex, lies, and deception. Once you enter the Hunters house you never want to leave.....


1. City On Water

The bus boat we were on was small, crowded and smelt of mould slightly, but none of that mattered right now. In that moment reality hit, I was in Venice. My heart started racing.

"Wow. My mom said It would be like this but I didn't believe her" I whispered in Lily's ear. You always see Venice in TV shows and movies but nothing prepares you for the sight of sailing up to it. 

"Dude.... This is actually happening!" Lily squealed next to me. She squeezed my arm and laid her head on my shoulder with a happy sigh.

Sailing up, it looked like something out of a Shakespearian play. The brown, red and orange buildings. The green shutters on almost every house, the washing lines hanging from window the window. The houses, all different sizes and their amazing orange rooftop's with chimney upon chimneys for miles. 

"I don't feel so good" I turned to see Calum hunched over with a sick bag in his hands. He looked paler than the clouds outside. Lily giggled and patted Calum's back. 

"Not use to boats hey?" she asked and then turned her attention to gawking out the window. 

As we gradually pulled up to the ferry terminal, it had a big yellow sign that read "F.te Nove". Miss Anderson called us from the top deck to collect our suitcases.

When I got to the top, the boat started swaying, and before I knew it I had lost my balance and fell into the chest of the boat driver. He had a clean white shirt on and blacked out sunglasses. I could see my reflection in them, and boy I didn't look good. Eight hours of flying and Calum's constant bad singing had turned me into a tired mess. 

The boat driver laughed as I regained my balance. I placed my hand on my suitcase which weighed a tone and pulled it towards me

"scusate" I said and smiled. He patted my arm. "godere il vostro soggiorno"

The air didn't smell good. I was told Venice had a distinctive smell. Somewhere along the lines of mould and worse case, sewage. Apparently you get used to it. 

When everyone was safely on the bank. Miss Anderson pulled out her huge map from her bag. She was struggling to unfold the thing while everyone started to giggle. Calum pulled out his phone to take a picture of it.

"Dude come on" I gently punched his arm. He laughed and kept taking pictures. 

I couldn't help but look off in other directions. There were children sitting by the bank with ice creams in their hands laughing and giggling, a couple were making out on the steps of the terminal station. Tourist upon tourists arriving on the banks with excited smiles on their faces. It was weird not to see any cars.

"Earth to Cora" I turned my head to see Miss Anderson and everyone else looking at me with smirks on their faces. 

"Oh sorry" I said and crossed my hands behind my back in awkwardness.

Miss Anderson signed "Ok guys listen up; we are going to be giving you to your Italian families this evening. We have planned a meal for you all beforehand with your chosen exchange friend, so it gives you a chance to meet and get to know each other beforehand. I wanted to make a few things clear and give you some rules for this trip. Please I do stress to be on your best behaviour, you're seventeen and I know you're more than capable of doing so. Am I right Calum?"

Miss Anderson stares at Calum waiting for his answer. Everyone starts to snigger. Calum's cheeks were getting more and more red. Poor guy.

"Uhhh" He begins to answer but Miss Anderson cuts him off.

"Great Calum. Also I do stress guys to stay close to your families while you're out and about on this trip. I have heard there have been some strange disappearance's going on. Please do not worry however do be cautious and vigilant."

Everyone looked at each other with questioned faces. Disappearances? In Venice? Where would they go? This place is in the middle of nowhere. 

It was getting darker now and the lights of the city shone so beautifully over the narrow ways. We started walking through the ally's and over beautiful small bridges, heading to the restaurant Miss Anderson booked for us.

An arm lands on my shoulder and I don't even have to look up to know who it is. I do so anyway and see Calum smirking down at me. That look always meant trouble. 

"Oh no what have you done now?" I asked. 

He was always getting himself into interesting situations. He had beautiful green eyes, jet black hair and a great jaw line. That combination got him into a lot of trouble. He knew he was hot and wasn't afraid to admit it. But he was also a pain in a lot of people's asses and that he would never admit. 

"Nothing nothing, but I do think miss Anderson wants me" he whispers. 

I couldn't help but role my eyes and shove his arm off my shoulder, but it was soon back. 

"I mean think about it, she's always got something to say to me. I'm telling you Cora she wants me bad" he says and winks at me.

I sigh and look up at the sky before I speak. 

"Oh Calum, the only reason she mentions you is because you're a royal pain in the ass" I say sternly.

He starts to laugh and pinches my shoulder. I look up at him.

"Someone's jealous" he whispers in my ear.

I push him away and he bumps into Adam who drops his phone on the hard concrete floor. 

"Fuck Calum. Watch it" Adam shouts and picks up his phone to check to make sure his screen hasn't cracked. 

Calum turns to me and smirks. 

"That ship has sailed along time ago" I say and walk ahead to stand with Lily.


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