Jill is a monster. It's what everyone has told her, up until her parents gave her up to a mental institute. Jack is her brother. He went up the hill, but he never came down.

And now Jill is loose, and no one can do anything about it.


4. Short Explanation/Epilogue

They were parasites.

When Jill escaped, everyone at the park next to the mental institute was infected. They all died about a month later, growing steadily more insane as the days passed. Those were sad days. Yep. Especially when the infection spread through their families, the neighboring families surrounding them, and so on.

The parasites originated in the mental hospital, which is where Jill actually became insane. In the second chapter, Jill was completely normal. It was the man himself who was losing his mind, not the girl. His actions practically resulted in sending an innocent girl to her death.

In the end, the parasites were finally contained after more than three-fourths of the Earth’s population was demolished.

Thanks for reading to the end. Please don’t forget to vote and comment! Was your mind at least blown a little?

Also, I wrote this kind of half-heartedly because Horror is definitely not my forte, and school just started up. I didn’t really edit anything. You can probably tell.

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