P.s I love you...

Just a Diary of Me (Dino) and my baby girl *cough* *cough* crush (Sanity)


1. About Sanity

Well Hello everyone! I'm My.Sanity or you could call me Sanity. But my real name is Madison aka Maddie. I'm 14 soon to be 15 on the 30th!!!! I used to live in Brighton, a small town in London but then I moved to Texas in 2005, and have a mum, dad, little sister, dog, and grandpa that all live in the same house as me. I hate it *rolls eyes*. Well Go read my bio and look at the pic of me, if u wanna know what I look like. I'm 5"6 and play volleyball, I horseback ride, and dance. My fave colors are black, white, mint green, and pink. My fave animal is a Panda, but also wolfs. My fave movie is lilo and stitch! I mostly listen to R&B and rap music. ex. Fetty, lil Uzi vert, dej loaf ext....I'm a very crazy, and can be weird at times :3 I'm usually laid back and chill. Now I'm very lovably, and have a passion for helping animals. Hints why I wanna be a Vet. I love to play Video Games, Draw/ Sketch, I do photography, Read, and listen to music, Oh also I love to long board. I think this is all you needa know about me, If I have anything I'm missing or you wanna know ask me in the comments and Ill answer them on here! 


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