Maybe... November Is For The Best?



Hello, you're probably wondering what the actual HELL is this? It's not as mysterious as you may think. Many of you are trying to figure out what this actually is. And you've all come up with your own theories, ideas, and your own conclusions. Well, how about I just shed a little light on this: It's not a Sequel to KNIFE SKIVE. I'm not sure where you got that idea from, but it did make me smile. The amount of you that guessed it was a sequel to KNIFE SKIVE has made me think about KNIFE SKIVE's possible future. Although, I won't go into details on that until I feel comfortable with sharing such information (SEQUEL) AHEM. XD 


Anyway... It's not even something new. Not a story that's a whole new story. What? Um, I mean it's not something that's brand new, it's not a story that's been told before. But maybe if we all just wait for NOVEMBER? Maybe we'll get something worth waiting for. I'm not sure whether you're all going to like it. But I'm very certain that it's something I want to write for the next month. It's also not an entry in a competition. But it sure is something that'll get you thinking back to some of my other stories. Bye! c:

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