the rumor of room 215

In the early 1900’s there was a guy name Jack Brewer he died in the school of the seaford college school People say he still roaming down the hallways can Kim,Jerry, and Milton help Jack?


1. knowing about the rumor of Jack Brewer

in the early 1900’s

“Jack brewer do you have your homework”The teacher asked Jack

“Yes Mrs.Robinson”He took out his homework and gave it to the teacher

After class Jack was heading to his room But was stopped by Frank Bickle

“Look what we have here”Frank said with a evil smirk

“Leave me alone Frank”He was about back away but Frank’s friends caught him and held him

“You see Jack,You don’t need to whine about”He took out a candle out of a wall and put it near to Jack face

“PUT THAT THING DOWN!”Jack screamed

“Jack,I’m not gonna put the candle down”He put it a little near to Jack making him sweaty

“Frank! Stop it!”He was about kick Frank but Frank put the candle on Jack’s clothes making him On Fire

“HELP! I”M BURNING!”Jack yelled tossing himself onto the carpet and rolling over

Frank high fived his friends and leave a burning Jack behind Screaming

“AHHHHH! SOMEONE HELP ME!”He yelled louder Someone heard him and it was his best friend Rudy

“Jack! Who did this?”Rudy asked grabbing one of the blankets out of storage room

“Frank!”Jack yelled he was tossing and turning

“Hold on”Rudy Yelled as he fan the blanket over Jack burning body he fell down

The fire was taking over

But it was too late Jack died

The next day after Jack’s Death

“That was a cool thing we did that”Frank said with a evil smile

“Yea he-”His friend was about to say something but there was a scream

“AHHHH! HELP ME I’M BURNING!”Frank knew that voice No it can’t be is it….


“AHHHHHH! IT HURTS!”Jack screamed

Frank was terrified maybe it might be an illusion so he let go


Seaford Beaver College 2012- Present day


Kim P.O.V.

I’m Kim and me.Jerry and Milton are going to the same college of seaford! I’m so excited

“Guys come on”Milton yelled

“Ok”I yelled back I got to the school and look around and saw a picture of a young boy he looked like my age he was wearing in his era: Hat,Brown jacket with brown trousers with black shoes. But Caught my attention was that someone wrote above of the picture of him

Jack Brewer 1891-1907

I wonder why it said that and there was a photo of him

Class of 1907

I see him smiling and everyone else smile

“Ah Miss.Crawford”I turned around and see the principal

“I’m principal Guther your room is in room 215 with David Krupnick and Jerry Martinez”He said and with that he left and a girl walked over to me

“Did he just say your room is in 215?”She asked

“Yea,Why?”I asked

“That was Jack Brewer room no one went there after his....accident”She gulped

“What happened?”I asked

“Back in the early 1900’s there was a young man named Jack Brewer he died in a fire because of a guy named Frank caused it”She said and I look at the picture sadly he was so young to die

“Legend says he roams the hallways every night he will scream and enters his old room and terrified people who was in his bedroom but not in a mean way he wants help or whatever”She said

“Good luck”She patted my back

“Wait,What’s your name?”I asked

“Grace, yours”She asked

“I’m Kim”I said with a smile

“Cool,I gotta go see ya”She left and I stare one more time at Jack picture and headed to my bedroom with the guys

“What took you so long?”Jerry asked

“Sorry I was talking to a girl”I said

“Is she pretty?”Jerry asked

“I don’t know but her name is Grace”I said

“Oh, So what were you guys talking about?”Jerry asked

“We talked about a rumor about this school”I said

“A rumor?”Jerry asked nervously

“yea”I said

“And what was the rumor”Milton asked

“Well...They say back in the 1900’s there was a young man named Jack Brewer-”I was cut off by Jerry

“What happened to him?”He asked

“He was burn alive”I said

“What?”They shouted

“he didn’t kill himself there was another kid name Frank and he kill Jack”They all gasped

“Now we have his room”I said

“What!?”Jerry yelled

“I don’t want a ghost in my room”He yelled again

“Jerry maybe he’s lost,confused”I said, yea Jack might be scared and wants help

“Fine”He pouted

That night we-well I was setting up my bed,Milton was at the library and Jerry fell asleep I saw a picture of Jack when he was here and then I heard something

“AHHHHH! HELP ME IT HURTS!”That made Jerry wake up and look at me but I heard it again

“HELP! I NEED HELP! I’M BURNING!”I walked out of my bedroom and look at the hallways and see a figure moving and tossing around is it Jack? I need to find out what he wants


R & R

what did you guys think?

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