Three in the morning (For the halloween Competition)

I don't remember this, I'll never remember that. All I do remember is blood, sweat and tears.
Oh, and screams, every little scream.


10. Night number ten ~ Fin.

~A last reading from Teddy Alfred Augustine, it looks faded and stained with dry tears and blood~ For however many years I've been a good person, however clearly things have taken a turn of the worse, and so today is the day that I will rid myself of the world, save others and be a loyal servant of the earth. Thank you for many good years, I wish you all the best. 


That was the night that I took my own life, finger prints decorating the staircase and voice decaying into nothing over time. How to do it...? The gun was too obvious, and so there they found me, three am, face down on the concrete, stone cold and dead to the world, lifeless as they drag the body away... Were there any tears for me? No. I had lost all the hopes a long time before. 

My funeral was a damp affair, hardly anyone came to mourn over my slightly mangled body. How do you know, if you're dead? Don't, be a smartass....

Cause that's for only me to know.

Lock your doors Janice.... Because you're next.

~It just had to be.... Three in the morning~

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