Three in the morning (For the halloween Competition)

I don't remember this, I'll never remember that. All I do remember is blood, sweat and tears.
Oh, and screams, every little scream.


9. night number nine - Red handed

It takes a long time for things to feel real... You know? I would never have believed myself if I hadn't found the evidence and stared at it with my own eyes. But here we are. I can see what I'm doing... But have no control over it. I watch as my hand hovers over the drawer handle, opening it quickly and taking a sharp kitchen knife. I'd scream 'STOP!' But I can't. I can't speak, I can't stop myself. 

I know who I'm going after... Tonight is the night... Nobody will tear me down... I'm unstoppable, you can't see things without opening your eyes. Like wise, you can't think without opening your mind. May he scream in terror and pain as his life is taken, and may I weep and screech in the morn at the horrors of which I have created. 


I woke up with a start, warm and damp with sweat, staring over at the bloodied weapon in the corner, I hadn't hidden it...? Maybe my prior self believed there was no point, either that or I had became careless. My hands were hot and stained with red. Red handed....? Excuse the pun, but it all made sense. 

As an individual of the world, I wish to keep my life. But as a good- hearted human being, I wished to be stopped. 

The biggest and only question now... Which side of me was stronger....?

Does good always prevail...? Or will the dark side take my sins and reap what has been sewn..?

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