Three in the morning (For the halloween Competition)

I don't remember this, I'll never remember that. All I do remember is blood, sweat and tears.
Oh, and screams, every little scream.


4. Night number four - Back home?

When I woke the next morning I called the police, asking the reciever to check my house for  potential murderers, of course, he didn't refuse. Yet he didn't seem exactly pleased about it, he said that he would call me as soon as they were sure the house was clear and safe.

I pondered apon the whole unusual and mortifying event for a moment before heading back to the computer to do a little more research. I found something immediatly, something that was uploaded... last night?! Whomever I'm looking for must be very active recently... The article read (almost exactly, yet I took out surnames for security):

​It was late when he came around, his breathing hoarse and unsteady, I tried to calm him but the insanity in his eyes was too much. All I could do was hold him tight as we both cried for a while, it was like we didn't know what had hit us, yet we did. The man with the bloodied hands and evil grimace, that smile... He knew what he could do, not that he cared about ruining our lives...

​I sighed, nothing that I had read so far had given me any core information, if only I could remember what that damned being looked like, then everything would be okay!!

I groaned, bashing my head back onto the desk before huffing, searching for more information, finding nothing and repeating until, holy shit. It's eight fifteen. Woah, when did it... huh.... okay.

My phone started ringing as I looked up, talk about good timing, and so I picked it up and got ready to leave.


​I got back late that same night, almost everything was as had been left, except for the wall, which someone had attempted to clean up although it was still tinted red, I assumed that the officers had tried to clear up some mess.

They hadn't done a very good job, I thought as I fell into a deep but uneasy slumber, all the dreams in the world were going to disturb me tonight, I could tell.



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