Three in the morning (For the halloween Competition)

I don't remember this, I'll never remember that. All I do remember is blood, sweat and tears.
Oh, and screams, every little scream.


5. Night number five - Elsewhere.

 ~A little while later, Just down the street~

"Please, no! Stop!" The boy, lets call him Harry, cried out in terror as the bag covering his eyes was taken off, his friend, Alfie,  kneeled by his side. One would ask, why is Harry screaming? But I'm sure you would be screaming also if a hooded figure was holding a gun to your best friend's head.

Tears streamed down the boy's face as he tried with all his mite to stop the figure, cries of: "Stop it! stop!" Could be heard, before...

"He's all I have!"


The thud of a limp body hitting the concrete along with another single shot and the rattle of silence, stirred the public, but the news woldn't get out until morn, and that is what happened.

Two young boys killed last night by free running killer.

​'red handed man'

​'Still free and killing around town.'

The public put the paper down out of horror after that.


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