One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


5. wannna join

Mari P.OV.

I saw the red head girl trying to give Brooklyn weed and of course Brooklyn said no but still these girls are bad news and I'm not going to stay around to see what their going to get into. "So anyway my name is Nia but call me babydoll" the red head said smiling directly at Brooklyn I think that.......well I don't really know but I know she likes something about Brooklyn "my name is Mari and that's Brooklyn" I had finally said something not wanting to be left out "oh we know y'all" babydoll giggled "yea y'all those girls who be walking around thinking y'all own the fucking world" another girl yelled, how could they say that me and Brooklyn don't think we own the world so these bitches can just shut their mouths "we don't think we own the world" Brooklyn snapped and I nodded 


They all looked at both of us and then started laughing they was actually laughing at us and it made me so mad "what's the fucking joke" I yelled because it was really annoying that they was making fun of me and Brooklyn and we never even did anything to them "ok Mari just chill" she motioned her hands for me to chill out "why did y'all bring us out here anyway" Brooklyn asked "we like the way y'all walk around with attitude and we were wondering if y'all wanted to join our group" babydoll smirked and me and Brooklyn looked at each other "ummm sure" Brooklyn said before I could say no. She was CRAZY if she thought I was going to join a gang

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