One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


1. Summer!


"OMG I'm so Damn ready for summer!"I said while me and Brooklyn was sitting in the back of the class. "Me too. You gonna go to Kate party?"my bestfriend Brooklyn said  "Hell no that bitch is so damn jumpy" i rolled my eyes at the fact. "Oh yeah that's true" The bell rung and we walked out the class room walking in the hallway then Kate popped up infrount of us scaring the shit out of Brooklyn and me "hey FRIENDS" Kate Shouted excitedly and I just rolled my eyes cause she is just so damn annoying."Hey so are y'all going to my party!" she had the biggest smile on her face. "We are still thinking abou-" Brooklyn cut me off. "We are gonna go. but Mari said your annoying" she said confident and I looked at her crazy I know she is my bestfriend and all but I just want punch in the face sometimes. "Oh goodie! I'm so excited! See ya there!" Kate said skipping away. "You are gonna pay!" I said casing her going outside. 


Me and Brooklyn had been friends for years and we are only 17. We can't wait till senior year. We have each other back no matter what. Nothin can break us up.



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