One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


3. Party time!

Mari P.O.V.

We got dress and did are hair and stuff and then we got in my car and drove to the party. Then we got out the car and rung the door bell. Someone opens the door. "OMG I'm so happy y'all made it come on in😊." Kate shouted. We walked in and stood there. "Come on Mari this MY song lets dance." Brook said dancing. "But I don't wann--." She grabbed my arm and pulled me where everyone was dancin. She danced like she was up on someone so I did the same and a guy came up on Brooklyn and she danced so close like she was in love. But I know she was just havin fun. Then a guy came behind me so I did the same thing as brook. We danced for like 8 songs and went in the kitchen to pretend we was getting something to drink because everyone knows not to drink at a party like this one. Then the guys walked up to us. "Damn you mommies look fine tonight can I take one of you for a ride." One of the boys said smirking. "Sorry we are only here for the dancin." Brooklyn said trying to walk away. I followed her knowing these boys are no good. "Come on mommie." The other boy said grabbing me by my arm. "Stop man let me go!" I yelled. He grabbed me by my hips and picked me up. "Stop Stop Put her down! Brooklyn said running towards me. But then the other guy grabbed her. Then all of a sudden about ten girls in the party pulled out guns and one of them shot the roof. "Everybody get the Fuck down! Or I'll shot the shit out you!" Said the girl that shot the roof. Another girl shot the two men. Then another girl told us to follow her. We were so shocked we followed them. And all the rest of the girls left too.



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