One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


6. Names

Brooklyn P.O.V.

I looked at her hopen that she was gonna agree. Then I realized she wasn't gonna so I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side so no one could hear us talking. "What are you doing?!" I said. "No I'm not saying yes! Are you crazy! They could kill us anytime they want so I think we should leave!" She said firmly. "Come on think about it. We don't have to walk the streets scared we could have more friends and plus we should stick together in this so please....can you please join." I begged. ".......I..........fine...but you owe me." Mari said. I was happy she said yes. So we went to go sit bown and Mari sat down this time. "Yea I'll join." Everyone was smiling. Then babydoll stood up. "Ok since we have two new members of the OG Squide (original gang). Then we have to intoduce are selves." Babydoll said pointing at a girl. "Hey everyone I'm Cristal and my friends call me Cake cause I got lots of it." She said showing off her big butt. Then another girl stood up. "I'm Kadence and my nik name is pu$$y cause I gotta give what the boys ask for." She said proudly. Then everyone said the name and nick name. Princess, Bunny, Kitten, Blaze, Fruity, Coco, Weedy, and the leaders name Slayer. "Ok since we told you are names let's figure out y'all nick name." Slayer said smokin weed. "Ok". Mari said similing. "Ya know you always smiling like a sweet innocent bitch so imma call you Candy." Slayer said looking at Mari. "And you, your nick name is Freak because your Attitude makes you sound freaky." Slayer said looking me. I have something to do this summer now that I'm in the gang but the problem is how do I fit in the gang.

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