One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


8. Meeting another gang

Mari P.O.V.

I was fitting in the gang and I became friends with coco. We hung out at there little spot. Then Slayer spoke. "Ok y'all time to go to Ace." "Ace?" Me and Brooklyn said at the same time. "Oh yea I fo got y'all don't know who day is." Coco said(coco talks like that I put the words that way for the reason. Just wanna let people know) "so who are they?" Brooklyn snapped. "Gurlll they are the finest gang ever!" Fruity said feeling himself. I swear that boy is so special. We got in the black cars and drove off. We got at a old small broken house. Then we got out the car and Slayer said a word. "OG" she said. Then about 10-15 boys popped out of hidden places with guns. Then babydoll pushed me and Brooklyn on the side with are shoulders touching. Then two guys stepped up to us and one man circled me and Brooklyn looking at us in a perverted way. I wanted to smack him but he had a skull rag over his mouth blocking it with cornrows in his head and one diamond earring in his ear. Then the other guy spoke. "They clean?" He said looking at Slayer. "I don't know." She said rolling her eyes. Then he looked at us. " y'all clean?" I didn't say nothing. "What dose that mean?" Brooklyn said. Everyone there laughed. "Are you girls a virgin?" I he said annoyed. "Why do you need to know that!" I spoke up. The guy who was circling us came up to me so close I could feel his chest on my Brest and he looked me into the eyes. "Yes." Brooklyn said. So I said "I am too." Then lights turned on. And now we can see everything. Then everyone got into small groups and started talking and laughing. Then babydoll came up to us. "Ok y'all can have fun, meet people, or go get it on if you know what I mean." She said laughing. Then she walked away. Then a guy started to walk up to us.

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