One of the Two

This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them.

Made by: Mari and Brooklyn


2. getting ready

Brooklyn P.O.V.

we went to my house to get dress for the party. She practically live's here since she was always coming over because her mom is a drunk and her dad was always working. "Ok so what should we wear?" I said. "I was thinking something sexy for the boys to look forward to." Mari said in a sexy funny voice. We both laughed at what she said and we looked threw whole closet making a mess and then my mom walked in. "Oh My God miha!"I'm mom said shouting. "Sorry mommy we just looking for something to wear to a party." I said. "Oh my miha going to a party!" she said smiling. "Yes mommy, now can you leave?" I said annoyed. "Oh course miha aydeos!" My mom said walking out. "Ok can we find something now?" Mari said. "Ok yea." I replied.

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