Battle Brawlers: Ninja Collision

Bakugan Series 1 of 4 Leslie Flyn X Shun Kazami Battle Brawlers


6. The Last Chapter or is it?


-1 year later-

Me and Shun were practicing our Ninja skills. We were jumping to tree to tree when we stopped and looked into the sky.

"I sure do miss Luna" I said and Shun nodded

"I miss Skyress" he said as we sat on the tree.

"I wish we could go there ya know and see them..." I said and he nodded as we looked at each other and smiled as we got up and continued the Ninja skills. I ran so fast Shun didn't keep up. I saw him as I went back and smiled. I jumped on him and he giggled.

"Whoa Super Ninja" he said and I laughed as I got down.

"I got you good!" I said and he nodded as we continued the practice. I was tripped by something and fell. Shun caught me and I blushed as he saw me and blushed himself.

"What happened?" He said and I looked at the tree.

"I don't know I tripped on something" I said and he looked at me in shock as we looked at each other and what happened next was amazing. Me and Shun connected lips and kissed. We were in a passionate kiss when a laugh came and we looked every where. We ignored it as Shun put me down. Suddenly Dan came from no where and we smiled.

"Hey Dan" we said and he smiled

"Hey lover Ninja's" he said and we blushed as we looked at him.

"So what made you come all this way for Dan?" We asked and he looked at us.

"The Brawlers are having a get together and Samantha wanted me to tell y'all in person" he said and we giggled. We followed Dan to the plane and smiled as we flew off.

"So Dan... have you missed Drago?" Shun asked and Dan nodded.

"Yeah... but he's the perfect core that keeps New Vestroia in tacked." he said and we nodded as we landed.

"Look! Dan, Shun, and Leslie are here!" Julie says and we all smiled.

"Hey guys" I said and we did a group hug. We all smiled as we got some food from Runo's parents restaurant. I looked at my friends and smiled as Runo gave us food and sat down.

"One year ago We saved Earth with our Bakugan friends and New Vestroia was born." Runo said and I nodded as we ate our food.

"It is really good to see everyone" I said and we all smiled and went to the park and I smiled


as I sat down on a bench with Shun.

"This is where I met Luna" I said and he put his arm around me and smiled.

"Well just think she is happy now where she is at" He said and I nodded as I looked at him and smiled.

"Shun you should go home... I'll visit you okay?" I said and he kissed me and nodded.

"Okay Leslie" he said and I smiled at him. We walked separate ways and I almost tripped but caught myself.

"Watch it" A familiar voice said and I looked at her and smiled.

"Luna?" I said and she smiled at me.

"Leslie!" She said and I smiled big.

"What are you doing here?" I asked and she looked at me and frowned.

"I wish this was easy to say but Vestroia is in a terror attack with aliens called Vestals... All the other Bakugan Brawlers Bakugan are stone statues." She said and I looked at her.

"All that work... for nothing!" I said and she frowned.

"There's more... You know how I am in ball form here... Well... we are ball form there too..." She said and I looked at her and was shocked.

"I am so sorry Luna..." I said and she looked at me and smile.

"I need your help Leslie" she said and I looked at her and nodded as she smiled at me.

"Luna... I will be honored to help you... But... what about the others?" she asked and she nodded no.

"We need to go undercover and pretend were the enemy" She said and I nodded as we were teleported and I was in a land of rocks and a city right in front of me. I was amazed as 3 people looked at me and frowned.

"A new member of that blasted team huh?" she said and I looked at her and frowned.

"Gauntlet, Power Strike!" She yelled and I looked at her in confusion as she handed me some sort of Gauntlet. This was going to be a new way of things and I am going to learn it myself.


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