Battle Brawlers: Ninja Collision

Bakugan Series 1 of 4 Leslie Flyn X Shun Kazami Battle Brawlers


4. The Doom Dimension and Masquerade's Secret




Soon after we left Joe... Masquerade showed up and challenged me and Dan and we smiled big.

"Look here Mr I can be bad all by myself... This is a lot more that you think!" I said and he smiled

"Yeah so what?" he said as he set down the doom card.

"Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Stand Pyrus Delta Dragonoid!" Dan said and I looked at him and nodded.

"Bakugan Brawl! Stand Darkus Reaper" Masquerade said and the Reaper stood and laughed at Drago.

"What's wrong girly afraid to put Luna in" He said and I smirked.

"Bakugan Brawl! Stand Elemental Lunariss" I said and the Reaper looked at her.

"Ability Card Activate! Darkus Reactor" Masquerade said and Reaper and Luna's power went up 100 gs and he looked at the Baku meter and growled.

"Her Power increased but she's a Ventus not Darkus" he said and I smirked.

"Actually Mask man she is all the Attributes now... When she die her first evolving she turned to Elemental Lunariss and Elemental means more... Then all I have to do is have a special ability card that makes me suck all your ability's plays with her" I said and he growled as the Reaper went to attack Drago and what happened next was a total shocker. Drago lost and was about to head to the Doom Dimension and Dan followed him into it.

"What the hell?" I said under my breath as I saw Luna heading there to.

"NO!!!!!!" I yelled as I ran towards her and Shun followed

"Stop it Leslie!" he yelled and I nodded no

"I am not leaving Luna's side! She is my partner!" I yelled and ran towards her and Shun grabbed me and fell in with me. Suddenly the world was in a caos as dark filled our souls. Luna wrapped me and Sky wrapped Shun as we fell into the Doom Dimension.

"Leslie you just gave your life for me... Why?" Luna said and I looked at her.

"I know me and you only knew each other for a week or two but... We are partners Luna... I mean we went through your 1st evolving together..." I said and smiled at her.

"Yeah... Nothing breaks a bond between partners" Sky said and I smiled

"Thanks Skyriss" I told Sky and looked at Shun and looked at him in a confused manner.


"Why did you go in after me Shun?" I asked and Shun looked at me and frowned.

"There is no way I was going to let My best friend and a team member to be sucked into the Doom Dimension with no return... Trust me I bet the other Brawlers will be here soon because Samantha will no let Masquerade get away with it" Shun said and I chuckle came from behind me and him.

"Got that right we didn't!" Samantha's voice said and we looked behind us. All the Brawlers except Alice was here.

"Guys... what are you doing here?" I asked and Sam smiled.

"Well we lost to the Mask guy" he said and I smiled as Dan and Drago came flying in and I smiled at my friends. Soon the Bakugan Warriors came in and told us we needed to past the tests they gave them.

"Leslie Flyn" they said and I looked at them

"Because Luna has took her first evolution along side Drago as well and she now has all 6 attributes... Your test will be different than all the rest... Your test is to understand what Battling is all about and to use it as an advantage and not a loss. Dan has to beat you in order to take his next evolved form. You have to win the task we talk about when you evolve so you can go against Dan. Your test starts now." they said and I passed out. When I awoke I saw Shun smiling at me.

"Shun! Where are we?" I asked and he smiled at me again.

"I don't know that's what I am trying to find out" he said and frowned.

"What's wrong Shun?" I asked and he looked at me

"Well Leslie... I... I lo..." Shun said before the ground shook hard and I fell into Shun's arms. Suddenly the Ventus Bakugan was here and Shun growled.

"I already beat your Test!" Shun yelled and the Ventus Bakugan nodded.

"Yes you did... but she did not... She has to beat this task that I give her so she may evolve and turn better or worse." He said and I growled at him. Soon Shun was dangling from a cliff.

"Shun!" I yelled and was about to cry.

"Beat me you Evolve Luna and save Shun. Lose and Shun falls to his death" he said and I was crying but remembered that me and Luna are partners and Revenge clogs the mind.

"Fine... We will accept" Me and Luna said and I smiled at her as we started the battle.

"Luna! We are Family!" I yelled as Shun watched as he dangled.

"Yes and family is important" A familiar voice said and I saw my twin brother who passed



"Luke?" I said and my brother smiled big and I cried and shook my head.

"You can't be alive... you died when I was 10" I said and she frowned

"Well I'm here now Leslie" he said and I calmed down and saw Shun look at us.

"Luke you are my brother and I love you but I have new family and friends now... It's time for me to be who I am... I can't let the past get in my way" I said and Me and Luna started to glow. Soon we landed and Luna looked a little different.

"I behold Elemental Sky Lunariss" The Ventus Warrior Bakugan said and put Shun down in safety and we were back at Earth.

"I guess we passed our test" Shun said and I nodded as we walked with the others till we saw Dan and he seemed a little different.

-2 hours later-

"What?! You have to beat all of us to get your new evolution?!" I said and he nodded and I scowled as Luna did too.

"Those lousy Warriors" Luna said and I nodded.

"Leslie your the only one I have to beat" he said and I nodded

"Gate Card Open" we said and I breathed in as I smirked. I was going to loose my second battle this time on purpose. But this is more than just a lousy game this is the world at stake.

"Ready Luna" I whispered and she nodded and I grabbed her.

"Bakugan Brawl! Stand Elemental Lunariss!" I said and Luna stood and disappeared.

"Bakugan Brawl! Stand Pyrus Delta Dragonoid!" Dan yelled and Drago flew up and smiled.

"Let's win this Dan!" Drago said. Luna was high up in the air as well.

"IS Luna hiding?" Dan asked and Drago nodded and looked in the air.

"NOW DAN!!!!!! Dragonoid Superior!" Drago said and he attacked Luna and she lost as we went back to the human world.

"Nice one Dan" I said as Drago Evolved.

"Thanks! That was Fun!" He said and we shook hands.

"I let you win just lo let you know... but next time we battle and nothing is in the cause" I said and he nodded as the others made it here.


"Did Dan win?" Marucho said and I nodded

"I let him" I said and they smiled as we went to the park. I looked at them as we were about to head to Vestroia.

"Guys this seems to easy... I think it's a trap..." I said and they looked at me

"Yes... Why would Nagga stay at Vestroia when he has power of the dark core." Luna said and Shun nodded in agreement.

"How about Half us stay here and Half of us goes" Dan said and I nodded no.

"No we all need to go to Wavern and protect her! Don't ya see he want's us to go there so we can't protect her." I said and they nodded. I breathed in and smiled. Soon Masquerade showed up and told us he wanted to battle us. We agreed

"Gate Card Open!" We yelled as we went into the world of Vestroia to battle.

"Gate Card Set!" I yelled and threw Luna on the Card as she stood and flew in the air.

"Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Dual Hydronoid Stand!" His voice yelled

"Bakugan Brawl! Pyrus Delta Dragonoid ll stand" Dan yelled and I smiled as we took down Hydronoid and came back to the human Earth. Masquerade took his mask off and showed Alice. We were all shocked as she found out. We ran to her as she fell out and went to Wavern and Joe.




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