Battle Brawlers: Ninja Collision

Bakugan Series 1 of 4 Leslie Flyn X Shun Kazami Battle Brawlers


2. Meeting Dan and Shun



I was looking at my Ventus Bakugan and frowned as I jumped on a tree. I was a ninja and Yes my partners were good but they didn't seem me. Suddenly a light came in and I ran towards it. Soon a Green Bakugan appeared in my hand and I was amazed. Soon the Bakugan popped open and looked at me.

"Where am I?" a voice of a female said and I saw no one else around and looked at the Bakugan.

"Your on Earth. Hi I'm Leslie... Leslie Flyn" I said and the Bakugan looked at me and started to float.

"I am Ventus Lunariss. A Ninja of the skies" She said and I smiled a little.

"Really? Hey I want to ask you... Do you want to be my partner in Bakugan?" I asked and she looked at me and was confused

"Bakugan? So I am not the only one here?" She asked and I nodded no

"No your actually late to be honest. Bakugan is also a game us humans made. It is fun but you need strategy" I said and she nodded

"Then I guess me Ventus Lunariss is the partner Bakugan for Leslie Flyn" Lunariss said and I looked at her

"Hey can I call you Luna for short?" I asked her and she nodded as we walked out the park and back to my home. I went upstairs and into my room and put Luna down. I jumped on my bed and read a Ninja weekly magazine as I fell asleep

-Next Day-

I woke up and got ready as I walked out with Luna. Soon some guy in a mask challenged me and I looked at Luna and she did a quick nod.

"Gate Card Open!" We yelled as we got to the Bakugan arena.

"Doom Card Set" he said and I smirked

"Your the infamous Masquerade?" I asked and he nodded as he made Hydronoid stand.

"Ventus Lunariss Stand" I yelled and she grew then disappeared.

"Where is she?" Masquerade said and I smirked as I threw a card towards the sky.

"Ability Card Activate! Ninja Storm Sky!" I yelled and Hydronoid was down by his feat and he frowned

"How... is that possible?" He asked and I got my Gate Card.


"Gate Card Set" He said and I looked at him and shrugged as he let out 2 Darkus Bakugan and I frowned.

"Ventus Lunariss Stand!" I said and the same thing happened.

"Ability Card Activate! Darkus Reactor" He yelled and I put my finger in front my face and smirked.

"Ability Card Activate! Flyn Style Forien Ninja Rain" I said and both of them were by his side as we went back into the human world.

"I won and you lost evil man" I said as I turned and walked off. Soon I bumped into someone and I caught myself.

"Hey Watch it!" He yelled and I looked at him

"You watch it Buster!" I yelled and saw he was Dan Kuso

"Oh... Your Dan Kuso a Battle Brawler right?" I asked and he nodded

"That's right! The one and only!" he said as I saw he had Drago his partner on his shoulder.

"Drago is that you?" Luna said and Drago nodded and Luna smiled a little

"Yes and your Lunariss right?" Drago said and Luna nodded and me and Dan looked at each other and was shocked.

"Um Luna we got to go" I said and she nodded as we walked off from the leader of the Battle Brawlers.

"You should of told him about that Masquerade guy" Luna said and I nodded no

"No way man... How was I going to tell him I beat the guy he can't" I said and she looked at me and nodded.

"Leslie... Bakugan is not just game... We are live creatures ya know?" Luna said and I nodded as I smiled at her.

"Yeah Luna it's okay sorry..." I said as I saw Dan. I ran towards him

"Hey I almost forgot... That Masquerade freak asked me to duel him... I did... I manage to beat him" I said and Dan fell to his but.

"What?!... Oh um Wait What?! Where is he?" He said as he got back up and I sweat drop.

"well he is sorta well gone now" I said and he looked at me and smiled

"Hey do you want to be a Brawler? Some one who can beat that freak can be a good use here" a voice said and Dan smirked as Shun Kazami the Ninja came down.


"Yeah... that would be cool ya know" I said and he nodded as Luna and his partner flew to each other.

"Lunariss?" She said in shock and Luna flew back a little

"Skyress?" Luna said and the Bakugan nodded and they smiled.

"Wow... They look alike" Shun said and I nodded

"Yeah this is Lunariss... I call her Luna though" I said as I looked at his

"This is Skyress my partner" Shun said and I smiled at him

"Ventus is better used as a ninja in the night" I said and Sun nodded as Dan got a call.

"yeah...uh huh...okay...thanks Marucho" Dan said as he hugged up.

"Okay Leslie... your a member of the team so get ready." Dan said to me and I nodded. I ran off and I swore I heard Dan say

"Oh god a other Ninja show off" and I smirked as I sent Kato my address.





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