Battle Brawlers: Ninja Collision

Bakugan Series 1 of 4 Leslie Flyn X Shun Kazami Battle Brawlers


3. Down Julie's Land


Soon I saw Marucho's plane and I jumped onto the top.

"Show off" I heard Dan say and I smirked as Shun did a grapple thing to the plane and I nodded as we both went inside the plane.

"We are headed to Miss Julie's home next" Kato said and we nodded.

"So your Leslie? Hi I'm Runo and this is Samantha and Marucho" Runo said and I smiled.

"I'm Leslie Flyn nice to meet y'all" I said and they all nodded as the Aquos Bakugan looked at me.

"Hi! I'm Preyas!" He said and I looked at him and turned around.

"How Rude!?" He said as I walked to a Corner of the plane to stand at. Soon we were landed at Julie's home and walked off. Julie ran up to Dan and gave him a hug.

"Back of Girly" Samantha said and Julie quickly got off and I smiled.

"OMG! You must be the new girl? Um... Eh... Well... What's your name?" She asked and her partner laughed

"Leslie... Leslie Flyn" I said and she smiled as a girl with red and a guy with blond hair laughed.

"Look who we have here?" They said and I looked at them and Julie smiled

"Hi Billy! Who's this?" Julie said and the boy ignored her.

"Dan Kuso and Leslie Flyn we challenge y'all to a duel" He said and me and Dan nodded and Samantha grunted

"No worries Samantha... Dan IS NOT my Type" I said and she laughed as we all combine hands as the Gate Card opened.

"Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl Subterra Sarus stand!" The boy named Billy said and I smirked as I got Luna ready.

"Bakugan Brawl Ventus Lunariss stand!" I yelled and she disappeared and they Sarus was looking for her.

"Huh she's gone" Billy said and suddenly the Bakugan was at his feet and Luna flew back in my hand. I smiled as the boy Billy growled and looked at his partner and nodded

"Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl Pyrus Dragonoid Stand!" Dan yelled and Drago turned to his true form. I looked at him and smiled and was shocked. Samantha smiled as we continued our battle.


"Bakugan Brawl Pyrus Fortress Stand" The girl I believe is Chan Lee said and Drago and Dan smiled.

"Ability Activate Dragonoid Superior" Dan said and Drago's Power was amazing. He attacked and Fortress was defeated.

"I Can't Believe it!" Chan Lee said and Dan did his infamous move

"Better Believe it Chan!" Dan said and I got my gate card.

"Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl Ventus Lunariss stand" I said and Luna was disappeared. The Gate Card I set was one that can not break. "Bakugan Brawl Cycloid Stand!" Billy said and I smirked. 

"Gate Card Activate Advantage Point! Ventus" I yelled and Billy tried to break it 

"Nope! Advantage Point is a Gate Card only Lunariss has and it can not be broken. So Cycloid's power drains the same amount of Lunariss G's is so that makes Cycloid go to a Critical Knock Out! Which Means we win and y'all loose" I said as we went back into the human world.

"Lets go Chan" Billy said and Chan nodded as they left and Samantha looked at me

"THAT WAS AMAZING!" She yelled and I smiled at her and her partner Monarcus agreed.

"Samantha is it true that Monarcus has been with you since the falling of the Cards?" I asked and she nodded and I smiled

"That is so cool" I said and she nodded as we continued our way to our destination. We went into the caves and looked around. Suddenly I felt Strange and Lunariss started to Glow.

"Luna are you okay?" I asked and Luna nodded she went into the air and I started to glow.

"Luna I hope your okay" I said

"I hope your okay Leslie" She said and then something weird happen and I fell down and someone catches me and Luna falls on me. I open my eyes to see Shun put me down I saw Luna but she looked different.

"Luna are you okay" I said and she nodded

"Yes just a little more stronger" She said and I nodded as I shook my head as we started to run out the cave because it was collapsing. After we got out we went to the plane and Shun was thinking to him self about something.

"Shun are you okay?" I asked and he nodded as he did a half smile to me.

"Yeah Leslie I am thanks for asking" he said and I nodded as I thought to myself. 'how did they know to find us there? Are they following us?'


"Guys... I think the Masquerade has someone from the inside" I said and Shun lifted his head up like that was what he was thinking.

"What? AN inside job? That is just crazy Leslie" Dan said and Shun walked up.

"Actually no it ain't... think about it... he knows our every move and then he sends one of his little pupils to come battle us" Shun said and Samantha nodded.

"That makes sense but who?" she said and we looked at everyone.

"What about Joe?" Dan asked and we looked at him in shock

"That does make sense he does OWN the website we use to tell fellow brawlers whats up and it is a GPS thing as well" Me and Shun said and everyone nodded.

"Then lets find this Traitor and turn him to justice" Preyas said and I shook my head.

"It won't be that easy... and I think HE is Masquerade" Dan said and we looked at him in shock

"What?" I said and looked at Shun and he was just as shocked.

"It makes sense if you think about it... The guy knows our very moves... sends his pupils then see if we have any new movements" Dan said and Drago nodded.

"That makes sense" Drago said and we all nodded as we all looked at each other.

"Yeah but still... he created the site because he LOVES Bakugan" I said as we found his position. It was at a hospital. We went to the hospital and looked for the boys room. Dan got lost as we found the boys room.

"Hi can I help y'all?" A nice lady said and we smiled

"Yes ma'am we are looking for Joe" Runo said and she smiled

"Oh I'm his mom, he is on a walk he'll be back in a bit" she said and we smiled as we walked into the room where a computer is sat at the hospital bed. I got close to see the Bakugan site pulled up on his computer. There was a video named 'Help The Brawlers with this Masquerade mess' I singled Marucho to come and showed him the title and he nodded. Soon Joe and Dan were in the hospital. Something strange happened to him. While he was in the ER I told everyone to come in his room.

"Joe is NOT Masquerade nor apart of his shenanigans... Marucho show them the video" I said and he nodded as he pulled up the video.

'Fellow Brawlers I ask you for a favor... If you see this guy with blond hair and a weird mask STAY AWAY from him. His name is Masquerade and he will send your Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Right Now the Battle Brawlers are trying their best to beat him but I warn you Not  


to fight him and just be careful on who you choose as your partner cause the top 10 is brain washed by him.' The Joe video said and Dan frowned

"Aw man and I though he was evil... All he wants is to help us..." Dan said and Samantha hugged him and me and Shun patted his back.

"It's okay Dan" Samantha said and Dan smiled at his girlfriend. Soon Joe came back to his room and saw us all.

"Hey... All the Battle Brawlers are here in my room plus an extra" Joe said probably me.

"She's a new member" Shun said and I nodded as suddenly I felt a little strange and swore I heard 'Luna Drago it's Wavern' but I shrugged it off as I saw Joe smile. Soon a ball of light came through the window and in the shape of a Bakugan.

"Wavern!" Drago and Luna yelled as they flew towards her and I looked at the Bakugan is shock.

"Yes it's me... And I have something to tell y'all" She said and us Brawlers looked at each other and nodded.

"Okay Wavern tell us" Joe said and she smiled at him.

"The Good Core is inside of me" She said and we looked at her in shock

"well... I guess our trip wasn't a waste after all" Samantha said and we nodded as Wavern gave a whole speech about it.

"Wavern it is really good to see you again" Drago said and she nodded

"Indeed I wish it was on better terms Drago" she said and Dan mourned and I giggled a little.

"Look love birds we still need a way to defeat Nagga and the dark core" Shun said and we all nodded and Dan was smiling his cheeky grin

"Battle!" he yelled and Wavern nodded no

"Not that easy Dan... Nagga is getting closer and closer to protect the good core from" Wavern said

"That I have to agree with" Luna said as us Brawlers were about to head out.

"Oh and Joe Welcome to the Brawlers" Dan said as we went to look for Masquerade.



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