Battle Brawlers: Ninja Collision

Bakugan Series 1 of 4 Leslie Flyn X Shun Kazami Battle Brawlers


5. Attack on Earth


'This is your news reporter here to tell you the hole has some sort of Monster in the whole' the reporter said.

"That's NAGGA!" She screamed and Drago nodded.

"Yes it is" Drago said and frowned.

"Told y'all" I said and they nodded as well. Shun patted my back and I smiled as other Bakugan came from all the world and I frowned as I breathed in and out.

"Leslie, Shun, Samantha, and Dan y'all need to stay here" Wavern said and we looked at her and nodded.

"Marucho, Julie, and Runo and Alice can y'all battle?" I asked and Alice looked at Wavern and frowned.

"I...I...I guess" She said and we looked at her and patted her back.

"Alice it's okay... Masquerade is good... Trust me" Dan said and we all looked at him and nodded.

"How? All the trouble he caused!" She asked and I looked at her.

"His voice some how told me about the plan and Were here to protect the Good core" I said and she looked at me and she smiled and nodded.

"He told me to give you this" I said and gave her the Hydronoid.

"I Hydronoid is the partner of Miss Alice" He said and she smiled as she caught the mask as well.

"He wants one battle where he is on the right side" I said and she nodded as she put it on and turned to him.

"Thank you Leslie... You and Dan showed me what Bakugan really should be not who Nagga is... I will be happy to be a Brawler" he said and I smiled and nodded as they all ran as Me, Sam, Shun, and Dan stayed. Drago and Wavern went to go and talk and Sky and Luna were talking with Monarcus. Me and Shun were on a corner just looking at our partners.

"I hope the others with the help of other Brawlers can save the world." I said and Shun nodded. I looked at him with weary eyes as Drago and Wavern came back and Drago acted weird. He floated back to Dan and Dan smiled

"I thought you and Wavern ran off to be some where else" Dan said and Drago looked at him

"No Way! Were are a Team!" Drago said in a fake exciting voice and I nodded in disagreement.


"IF your a team... you shouldn't keep things from your friends" Luna said and Drago looked at her in shock.

"What do you mean Keep things from my friends?" he asked and I looked at him

"Look Drago what ever it is, it's okay to tell us" I said and he nodded no.

"Nothings wrong really its not a secret... Wavern wanted to give me the core so I could protect it better." Drago said and we looked at him in shock.

"Yes I did say that... Nagga will be after me and not Drago... It will be more safe for us. " Wavern said and Joe nodded his head.

"That's crazy!" He said and we nodded our heads as we looked at Wavern.

"It will be a lot easier for Nagga to get to me... But getting to Drago is a different story... Besides it is already done..." Wavern said and we looked at Drago.

"I did not know of this" He said and Wavern nodded.

"I knew he wasn't going to take it quietly so I did it when we were talking about it." Wavern said and I frowned as I felt the air come very hard and uneasy as I knew Nagga was getting close.

"Wavern... this is non sense" Drago said and she frowned

"Drago... I can not go against my brother even if I wanted to" Wavern said and we looked at her in shock.

"The energy of the core was to much for me... So I gave it to you Drago..." Wavern said and I smiled at her and him.

"I sense him coming" Luna and I said and they looked at us.

"I am ready to fight for the 2 worlds" Drago said and I nodded.

"Me and Luna as well" I said and we were all getting ready for the fight. I breathed in and out as we left the building with the rest of the Brawlers and there was Nagga with the psycho doctor.

"Wavern! Give me the Core!" he said and Wavern nodded no.

"I can not give you the Core even if I wanted to! It does not want you Nagga" Wavern said and he growled at her.

"What does that mean?" He said and Drago got in front of him.

"It means She won't give it to you and she don't care if y'all are family!" Drago yelled and Nagga smirked.


"You have the core! Give it to me!" He yelled and I laughed as he looked at me

"Like Drago would just give you the core" I said and he growled at me and I smirked at him as Drago and all the others turned big.

"Lets battle" Drago said and Nagga nodded. I stood by Shun and smirked as Dan and the psycho doc kept using ability after ability.

"I need the power of my friends!" Drago yelled as he got stronger and Nagga was defeated. Me and Shun gave each other high fives and smiled as Dan came back down and Smiled big.

"We saved the world" Drago said as we went to the park.

"The Bakugan is going?" Me and Shun said and they nodded.

"So sorry guys... We wish that it could be different but New Vestroia is going to be the original Vestroia again." Luna said and I smiled at her as they left.


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